I can't stand trans people any more

You weren't born in the wrong body, you just have a fetish or dysphoria or both. Those are mental illnesses that can be treated, and are not a reason for the rest of the world to cater to you. Grow up.

Oct 15

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  • Very true. Trannies are not and never will be valid. Im not even sure I consider them to be human.

  • I'm not even sure I consider transphobic a******* like you to be human

  • I liked them when they were like a taboo minority. Now the leftist media has over exaggerated their privilege.
    I've date a few trans and rooted plenty. Trust me I know they got issues, they know they got issues. It's just someone has figured out they can make money from the victimisation now. It's purely a higher wealthier entity making money and ratings off their movement. Like big pharma corporations can sell more hormones.
    How the h*** are steroids illegal when trans can say they are in the wrong body and get female hormones and when i say yehh im in the wrong body too Im suppose to be in Arnold Schwarzeneggers body... ehhhh sorry sir.... black market for you.... so you can prescribe my brother estrogen for his mental problems and I get nothing for mine. Da fuq?

  • Being trans is not a "mental problem"

  • Word. I want to get my hands on some 'roids too

  • I am a trans. I love wearing silk underwear and sheer tights. I especially love high heeled court shoes and knee high boots. My favourite perfumes tend to be from Hermes and I adore intimacy with charming men.

  • All you are saying is "me me me" and focusing on dramatic flourishes. You are a sick in the head MAN and always will be

  • No if they feel like a woman they are a woman

  • I agree it’s a joke. I’m in the wrong body. Lol

  • I'm in the wrong body too . Cute redhead lives near me and I want to be in her body .

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