Lady with her curtains open

When I was 16 there was a lady who lived in the house opposite who used to sometimes leave the curtains open and I could sometimes see her getting undressed. It was always fairly dark as she didn’t have a light on. My imagination was working overtime though and it was a massive turn on for me. But then one evening, her light came on and she had her back to me. She was wearing a bra, which she removed, then she turned around and I got a very clear view of her beautiful large b******, and then she closed the curtains. And I came.

Oct 18

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  • When my wife and I lived in some ground floor apartments, my job meant I got home around 10 PM. Every other night, regular as clockwork, the couple that lived in the apartment next to us would be having s**, with the front curtains open.
    I bet I stood out there and watched them at least 50 times, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I bet I could set my watch to that.
    I always suspected they knew I was there, but they never let on. Reason I think so is the woman always had her hand covering her left breast, I mean always except one time she moved to adjust herself and I found out why, her right one was about twice as big and I think she didn't want me to see it.

  • I was born in and live in Texas now. But from age 5 to 14, I lived in the mid-Florida area. When I was in the 6th grade, I had a best friend named Thad. He and I were both WAY over-sexed, even for boys that age.
    Thad was constantly telling me about how his parents were always f*cking.
    I slept over at their place one night. The next morning, Thad and I were having breakfast, sitting at a table pushed against the left wall of the kitchen. Thad's mom was standing by the sink, to our right. She was wearing a very thin, pale green, knee-length nightgown.
    Thad asked me, "Ray, do you think your mom will get mad if you tell her how late we stayed up last night?".
    Before I could answer, Thad's mom said this, staring straight at me, while holding a cup of coffee to her mouth: "He doesn't have to tell his mom everything he does." While she was saying this, she reached down with her left hand and idly scratched the herself in hair above her p*ssy. This is when I realized that she wasn't wearing a bra OR panties. I could clearly see her nipples and the medium blonde hair above her p*ssy.
    I was such a young idiot, the only thing I could do was stare down into my bowl of Cheerios.
    I still wonder to this day what that could have turned into.
    DAMN..........what a missed opportunity.

  • I used to mow lawns for spending money when I was in high school. One older lady had a huge lawn, front and back, it was over a half acre and she wanted me to do it once a week. She paid me $10, most were $3-$ in the area.
    When doing the back she would leave her curtains open, so I saw her a few times in a bra, the windows were high enough I couldn't see the rest. When she paid me, she always had on shorts or a thin top with a bra, then one day it was clear there was no bra. I was bashful and turned bright red, she noticed and told me I was so cute to get all shy like that over a woman's b******.
    At one end were sliding glass doors, up until then the curtains had been drawn, the next week there she was, in just thin panties. I didn't know what to do, so I just kept mowing and glancing at her. That was my first naked woman.
    After that, she did that every week for the whole rest of the Summer and stayed topless when she paid me. I was getting braver, and just once I reached out to try and touch her, but she pulled away and said "Don't!"

  • My neighbor's (43 yo, widow) bedroom window faces mine. This started when on one night i saw her watching me changing my dress. Her room had dimmed light but I left lights on in my room to give her a good view. This has been going oñ for the last six months. Now i play with my hardon to her full view while she plays with her b**** sitting closer to her window. it is hard to see her p**** as she is in her panties on. I do give her f***-signals with my hand. I am now 27 - waiting for her signal for more.....

  • How foes this have anything to do with his story?

  • How does what have to do with which story?

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