Gorgeous neighbour sunbathing

After university I moved back home to my family home and I was looking for a job, so for one summer I was home quite a bit.

The sun was shining and I was getting up quite late, and often by the time I woke, my lovely twenty something neighbour was out in her garden sunbathing.

What a treat for me as I opened my curtains in the morning and there she was, giving me the perfect view of her lovely body in the most skimpy of bikinis!

Well this happened most mornings for a couple of weeks, and I was thoroughly enjoying the view!

Then one morning I opened my curtains and looked out hoping to get a nice view of my sexy neighbour and I wasn’t disappointed! There she was, and much to my delight, she was topless for the first time, only wearing her tiny thong bikini bottoms.

I was frozen to the spot, unable to take my eyes off her beautiful 34B b****** and lovely figure.

Maybe for a little too long, because she turned her head and clearly looked directly towards me, and, even though she was wearing sunglasses, I could tell she had seen me. I was mesmerised though and I couldn’t move.

She reached for her bikini top and put it back on, but then she smiled at me and blew me a kiss! And she stretched out on her sun lounger and carried on reading her book.

I blew her a kiss back, but she ignored me.

This carried on for another week or so - I’d wake up, open my curtains, and there she would be sunbathing. I didn’t try to hide my being at the window and when she knew I was watching, she’d take off her bikini top for a few minutes. She would always pit it back on though after a few minutes.

On a couple of occasions, I drummed up the courage to go outside to try to talk to her, but as soon as she heard me outside, she would quickly disappear into her house.

And then I got a job and I was out early every day. I didn’t see her again that summer and I think later that year she married her boyfriend and moved away.

Nov 30

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  • We had a neighbor lady that sunbathed nude on her back yard during the summer. No one can ever see her unless they were right by her wet fence which had bushes there that mostly hid her. Sort of pretty, with big hair and since she looked like the was late 40's or early 50's, her b**** were amazing, so I suspected she had some help making those.
    Our place was 5 acres, I had to mow with my big 5-foot riding mower, and when I got to the side by the fence, I could see her over there.
    Surprised me, I didn't expect that.
    She looked surprised also, no idea why, my mower makes one h*** of a racket.
    She had to know I was coming because I was out there for a few hours every other week.
    But then she just went back to reading her book and I just kept on mowing.
    The part next to her fence line became very well kept.
    Not a single hair I could see down below, she often had one foot on each side of her lawn chair so that was obvious.
    I never did stop to talk to her, I just waved, and she would wave back.

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