I want to be punished

I want my bf to punish me. Old school punishments. I want him to make me write sentences…make me stand in the corner…ground me…wash my mouth out with soap…slap me across the face when I get mouthy…put me over his knee and spank me hard and bend me over for a good old fashioned belt whipping…

Oct 19

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  • It's kind of comforting to give up control. My boyfriend then husband was dominant and I just slipped into being submissive. Friends knew that I was submissive to him but they had no idea as to how extreme it was. I am not saying I liked it but the underlying desire to please him and to show that I could sacrifice for him was a big part of it. Initially standing facing the wall was super frustrating but over time I leaned to use it as meditation time. Being whipped or caned was in its self something I hated but I also would desire to show how much pain I could endure for him.

  • You are actually pretty normal. It is just politically incorrect to say so. God bless you and I hope you get the spanking you are craving. Nobody has the background to judge your happiness or needs.

  • I’ll punish you

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