Defeated by a beginner at gym

When I was 27 yrs old, I was a yellow belt and was expecting to be promoted to orange belt in karate, but I suffered an embarrassing loss: a white belt in kickboxing won me by unanimous decision during a competition at my gym. He knocked me down once. I never thought a 15 yrs old beginner could hit so hard.

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  • I met a woman in her 40s, very pretty, great smile (she had very good, beautiful..hard looks), and started messing around with her. She also did MMA training, which I honestly didn't take seriously, given her looks and size. I figured she did as a workout, and wasn't into the fighting aspect.

    Boy, was I wrong..Was at her house one night, getting physical and playing around. She mentioned "you realize I can hold you on the floor until you submit, right?". Which I did not believe, and even said, no way, I'd take you in a minute. Pretty woman with great smile and fit as h*** body or not..She had me on the floor within minutes, her legs pinning mine, and forearm around my head. Was a mixture of a bit scary, and, erotic.. Too bad we weren't naked.

    Never underestimate the competition. Mine was a hot woman who clearly knew what she was doing..

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