The Catholics invented Satanism

Prior to the witch hunts the Catholics were concerned that some people might be worshiping Satan.

They said these things might be found. An upside cross, the Lords prayer being said backwards, Baphomet painting on the wall, people dancing in a counter clockwise circle and should of "Hail Satan". They also said that the parishoners might be giving the evil eye hand gestures.

Nothing like this was initially found but when word got out how to be a Satanist got out the religion soon followed following the instructions given by the Catholics.

Oct 19

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  • Actually that's not really true. Judaism invented the heaven and h*** and devil idea way back. Not originally in Judaism but after the high ranking jewish families were imprisoned in Babylon they picked up the dark and light, eternal war between good and evil system from the Zoroastrians and incorporated it into Judaism, from which Christianity picked it up and ran with it. So strictly speaking, The Zoroastrians invented satan, it just took a couple of religions and a couple of three thousand years to get as far as the horned, goat footed guy we see imaged today.

  • Where on God's green earth did you that drivel. You need facts to back that up.

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