Not sure how to deal with this.

After a recent party my husband and I got a little carried away and had both drank considerably more than either of us normally would, We had people over to our house after and I don't remember going to bed but my friend told me I had excused myself an hour or so before she left.
I am now 100% positive this happened, At first it was a foggy memory that I wasn't certain actually happened but now I am sure. At some point in the night/morning hours my husband and one of, A least I hope it was only one of his friends came into our room and...Undressed me, Touched me and came on me, The more I think the more I remember and I distinctly remember one kneeling on either side of me touching/Putting their fingers in me and then finishing on my chest.
There was no way to deny that part in the morning and any girl can tell you how I knew that part but when questioned about coming on me while I was sleeping he said "Oh f***, I have no idea...Sorry but I very well could have, I don't honestly think I have ever been that drunk before" so now I don't know if he even remembers it and I question my recollection of the events, From what I remember one knelt on either side of me and they kept waking me up because they were using my hands to j*** them and I am pretty sure I got mad at them at the time.
If it did happen it's a huge violation of my privacy, If it didn't happen then I don't want to make false accusations but what do I do, Just pass it off as drunken stupidity or push for more answers?

Oct 26

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  • I woke up at a party at our friend's house, things go really drunk. The surprise was the woman on top of me, it was my friend's wife.
    No such thing as stopping, she simply climbed off and left.
    Later I found out it was for revenge since he and another friend had driven MY wife home, since I was far to messed up to drive.
    Not sure about all that happened to this day.

  • 10 years ago, my husband and I were mid 30s when our long time friend purchased a cabin cruiser. His wife was out of town on business but we still went out with him for the weekend.
    We were anchored in a cove relaxing. My husband drank way too much and went below for the night.
    With my husband asleep, we decided to smoke a joint. Long story, I had my bikini bottoms off and riding the guy.
    We agreed to never tell anyone.
    That was 10 years ago and even though we had s** once, we are all still friends.

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