I chickened out... huge regret!

I'm a straight guy and I've been married for years. I have one coworker who makes a joke about flirting with me and has been sending me pictures of guys sucking c*** or getting f***** for months.

Last night, after work, a few of us went over to his apartment to help him pack because he's moving. People would stay a bit and, one by one, leave when they were ready. By 10:00 it was just the two of us and we were both sick of working.

We sat down and were talking when he started joking about how, since we were alone it would be a good time to let him f*** me. I laughed it off and he stood up, told me he wasn't joking, and opened his pants.

I was so shocked and I'd never even seen another guy's c*** hard in real life, and I just froze staring at it. He started rubbing his c*** on my lips and stroking and telling me how I would love it if I just let him make me his s***... I was getting so hard so I opened my mouth and let him gently f*** my lips. He was moaning and it tasted so good, I got really into it, but then he had me stand up and bend over against the wall.

I felt him pull my pants off and he started rubbing lube on me and fingering it into me... then I felt his c*** pressed up against me but he was having a hard time pushing it in. I got so nervous I turned around and ended up on my knees until he filled my mouth.

I wish I'd let him f*** me!!

Oct 28

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  • I loved this man's story, I am Bi and Confess I have sucked a married c*** before only once that I know of? . A man can give head better than a woman I believe. A married friend of mine confessed to me he'd like a b*******, but his wife refuses, So I suggested he find a man to do that, He said to my surprise why not you? OK I thought about it for a few seconds as I am a c********* but mostly gay guys and thought nobody knew. ? OK come here and I will do that for you. then I pulled his trousers down and pulled up a chair as he was standing, really awesome c*** nearly 9'' ! I parted my lips and started giving the man head. After a few minutes I could feel his c*** start to swell and that's the time to let him go deep into my throat, It was a big load and really filled my mouth, Married guys really love head from a man whether they admit it or not., and that's my story.

  • I didn't chicken out and ended up the twink sissy I was meant to be, fulfilled for sure. .

  • Sucking c*** is just as nice nothing beats the taste of c**

  • Is it really nice i never done anather biy before is it nice when they c**

  • Does a boys c** taste nice to swallow

  • Does a boy taste nice yo suck of i want to be sucked of but i think id like to taste anather boys c**

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