Freaky stuff does happen

I used to work for Child Protective Services in a small city. State employee assigned with investigating and dealing with child abuse and neglect.
And I saw some freaky crap, it is real. There is some moron on here that simply goes around calling posts fake and then labels them "Karen". Which apparently means "I called you that and I am too stupid to debate anything".
Exampled of sick stuff I saw:
1) a 14 year old girl f***** her moms boyfriend because she wasn't allowed to stay overnight with a friend on a weeknight
2) kids spying on their parents and finding out they are swingers f****** a neighbor, then telling a teacher
3) kids finding pictures of their mother and the family dog, then telling a teacher
4) a 12 year old runaway prostitute
5) a 16 year old girl throwing teen s** parties while her mother was at work

**And my personal favorite for number 6) a father having an s**/incest with his 15 year old son - the father brought in a friend to make it a 3sum - the son and friend fell in love and decided to date - when dad found out he was cut off he went to the police and confessed everything

Nov 2

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  • I too am a retired principal, behavioral psychologist, grandfather, and great grandfather. The unimaginable does happen and it happens frequently. Innocent people, especially young people, are often denied a normal upbringing yet they are supposed to live normal lives, including school participation, as though they were just fine. It is selfish and cruel, yet it seldom changes.

  • Amen. I retired as a principal in a couple of very tough schools. I was proud of our work helping kids and enjoyed many many success stories. But you are soooo right. There is a lot of freaky deeky crap that goes on out there and some poor innocent kids who have to deal with it, internalize it, and try to deal with it as they seek to move into a normal adult life. Every point you mentioned in your post is something I had to deal with. God bless you and please keep exposing the truths we all sort of know but prefer not to speak of.

  • Your not kidding brother. There are some bent people out there.

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