Getting even!

Sometimes getting even with someone is a must or it will eat at you forever. I want to hear from others on how you got back at cheating spouse. Doesn't matter, male or female.
In my case I got my cheating husband fired from his job and handed him divorce papers the same day. After I found out, and confirmed, he was cheating I went through the emotions and anger. I didn't really accept it until I decided to get even.
Simply put I seduced his boss. I spent an afternoon in a hotel room doing anything and everything he wanted, but on one condition. He didn't get to touch me until he promised to find an excuse to fire my husband. And if he did find that excuse and followed through with putting my husband on the unemployment line, he would get another hotel afternoon as a reward.
I asked he give me a heads up so I knew the day of the firing. I had the divorce papers filled out and filed them that day.
I walked out with no regrets.

Nov 2

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