I volunteer at the senior center

While my grandfather was alive he spent the last years of his life attending a senior center. One thing they'd always complain to my mother about was that he insisted on grabbing staff and volunteer's boobies. He'd even give mine and my mother's a little squeeze now and then. They thought he was senile because he was always good natured and would act all innocent when he was a yelled at. One day when I visited he had grabbed quite a few that day so when I went in it's the first thing I heard about, that I needed to talk to him about.

When I saw grandfather I mentioned it to him and he started with the, I just love those t****** so much and since your grandmother died..... and he trailed off. I suggested maybe you can find someone to date and grab theirs all you want but that a lot of the women were getting annoyed. He suddenly got real serious and he said they treated old folks like they were toddlers. They gave them crafts to keep busy, or coloring books, or silly games to play, or food on a tray or movies. He said they don't treat them like adults and adults like to play with t******.

He passed away not long after and I'd spent so much time at the senior center and had gotten to know so many of the members that I decided to volunteer there. And I became a very popular volunteer because I'd talk to them about world events and current affairs, I took them for walks, I listened when they wanted to tell me about their lives and interests AND I noticed many of the men (and some of the women too!!) would make inappropriate remarks or grope and I let them or I would teasingly say they should stop that with a smile and a wink, and they LOVED that, and I NEVER reported their "bad" behavior.

I started wearing sexier (not slutty!) clothing. I'd leave my blouses unbuttoned lower, I wore tight tops and shorts, I'd wear sheer blouses and dresses and sometimes I'd go commando and when I was sitting across from them, I'd let my legs fall apart so they could see my p****. I make a point of leaning across them or letting my t*** rub against their arm or cheek, I let them put their hands on my legs and I've even allowed a few kisses and I tell you, those seniors will send a tongue into your mouth so fast it makes my head spin and I wonder how that tongue would feel somewhere else.

So if a hand wanders or a nipple gets tweaked or my butt pinched, it makes everyone's day and no one is harmed by it and we're all consenting adults so I see nothing wrong with it! It's made everyone's days much happier except for a prude or two.

Nov 5

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  • My first job as a Certified Nurses Assistant was at an old folks home. I soon found I didn't like it. It wasn't just the patients, my coworkers were very mean. The groping I didn't really think about because it wasn't often and wasn't painful. It was the verbal abuse from my coworkers and patients that hit me or tried to hit me that I avoided.

    It wasn't until I became sexually active, and my boyfriends started asking naughty questions about my work and making naughty suggestions for me to try at work that I even started to rethink my work. At first I'd just do subtle stuff, like go commando. I went commando off and on for over a year before a patient discovered my secret. I was in a good mood and had gotten so used to it that I just looked over and smiled as I winked at him.

    For me, the most I did was give HJ to those rare times when they'd get a stiffy. That was as far as I could handle with those guys without getting fired or grossed out.

  • My wife's Mother was placed in a nice rest home, expensive but luckily she had insurance that covered some of it and Medicare some of it, so we could afford the extra.
    We went to visit a lot, and I began to notice some of the more active people living there were building obvious relationships, which seemed to really be a good thing. They had parties, played games, all sorts of stuff, then one day there was some problems, it seems a bit of fighting, some jealousies.
    It turned out the rest home was basically a Peyton Place, those old folks were having all sorts of sexual relations going on, and her Mom was right in the middle of things, being a still in reasonable shape 68 year old.
    We talked to one of the managers, and she told us that each person had their own apartment and could visit back and forth all they liked, and yep, one h*** of a lot of sexual activity going on!
    The problem that cropped up was with a couple of their staff that was joining in and swung both ways, one 30 year old female and one 28 year old on staff medical guy, their "solution" was to let them both go.
    The guy was doing "massages" and the female who did maid service also charged for her "extra" services, some got jealous over the stuff they were doing.
    As far as s** between people residing there, they just shrugged it off. But then, they WERE all single, except the ones that still had spouses living back at home. Nothing nastier than a bunch of senile old coots.

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