We showered together

My wife now back then my girlfriend we were had the shore with my parents work a week vacation. My parents were still had the beach talking to friends so we headed back to our rental house with the umbrella and beach chairs. We had time so the outdoor shower was very private so we had nice shower together. This set the tone that after we got married each place we visited we would shower together and have amazing ** and hot **

Apr 11

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  • My gf and I went to the shower house during bike week in sturgis sd. There was a long line going into the women’s shower house but just a few in line for the men’s shower house. I asked her if she wanted to shower with me since the line was shorter. She laughed and said we could get kicked out for that. I laughed and said not at this campground. I told her it happens when the lines get long sometimes. She said ok sure. When we got inside she realized that there were not individual showers but locker room style where everyone showered in the same area. The naked guys in the shower and those getting dressed in the drying area were looking to see if she was going to shower or not. There was another couple already doing the same thing we were going to do. My gf and I took our clothes off and got in the shower room. The other gal in the shower room said to my gf, this is better than waiting in that long ** line for the women’s shower. My gf laughed. The other gal said so what if the guys see you naked, you get to see them naked too. My gf said she just didn’t want to wait in line for an hour and didn’t mind if guys looked at her. We had a nice shower and I watched some of the guys checking her out. When we went to the dressing room, it was a little more crowded than the shower. Heads turned looking at my gf when we walked in. She was talking to others as she dried off and got dressed. When we walked out of the shower house the line was still long for the women’s. She looked at me and said if this is what it’s going to be like every day for the women’s shower house, I’ll be showering with you. I laughed and said fine by me. We showered together several times while we were there.

  • My husband and I always take a shower and bath together at all the different places we stay. It’s our thing

  • Why is herpes rampant in the black community

  • Because you refuse to make the dudes wear a condom when they inseminate you.

  • My name is saladin and i got teabagged by richard the lionheart!

  • I love ** my husband in the shower. Lol

  • Could you ** me off too

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