A day on the beach

I went to the beach with two of my best friend and a girl that always hung out with us. Couldn't take my eyes off a girl that was sitting a few feet away from where we were. A young cute girl in her twenties sitting with her girlfriends. Dark strait hair, beautiful face, knock out legs and t***, wearing the smallest string bikini I ever saw. I'm not a good swimmer and I wasn't about to tackle the huge waves that were crashing on the shore that day. I took it she was a good swimmer when I saw her walk into the water. I watched her waist deep looking back towards the shore, when this freak wave came crashing on top of her. She completely disappeared and washed up the on shore practically naked. Never thought I see her naked, but my friends and everyone around got the strip show of their lives. Bottom gone, top around her neck and her shave off p**** and t*** totally publicly exposed. God was I turned on looking at her perky medium t***, her pink p**** slit and her perfectly heart shape butt. "Did you see that" my friends asked all as excited as I was. The poor girl looked totally humiliated walking up towards her friends with everyone looking at her in all the right places. She looked so stunned walking up to her friends gave us plenty of time to check her out. I saw everything on that poor girl and only wished her top would have also disappeared and her friends further away from shore. I realized she most have felt totally humiliated, but looking at such a knock out girl in the buff was something I couldn't help. She sat rapped up in towel with her laughing friends and never made eye contact with anyone on the beach. The truth was I would have give anything to take her home with me.

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  • We surf fish near the nude section of the beach. Most of the women are middle aged or older. some bring young girls and let them run around nude. Older women came over and ask me for a drink of some type. She got a beer from the cooler and say with me. We talked and she told me she was a widow who loves being in the sun. She went in my pick up camper and has lunch. She suggested I get nude as well, I dropped my shorts while we ate. I got some before she left. She comes over every time I come there. She just goes right for the s**. She lives an hour away and has offered me a weekend at her house.

  • No you wouldn't. You couldn't even give up the risk of her rejecting you. Sorry mate but that was the story of most of my life too. Too afraid of being rejected to ask.

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