Making dreams come true.

My friend and I won a trip for two a while back and while on the trip we were sitting at the pool bar, An older couple in their mid 40's were flirting and whatever, I was going to go to bed and went up to the room, By the time I got there I realized I had forgot my stuff at the pool, Went back and walked in on my friend and the woman of the couple kissing.
So....I joined back into the party and we all ended up going to their room, A mid 40's couple and 2, 23 year old's...Yeah, they will never forget that night I am sure and neither will I, My friend and I started out me with him and my friend with her and then it was just all over the place, 3 girls had their first experience going down on a girl that night so the woman claimed anyway and each of us had 1, 2, 3 who the F knows how many turns with him until in the end he had zero chance of getting it back up and just went around going down on us as we all did with each other.
Never seen them the next day or any other day and have never done anything like it since but will always have a memory I can never tell anyone about hahahah.

Nov 30

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  • Waaaay different but I went home with a couple from work at a Christmas party one year, Pretty sure I made some dreams come true that night and it was great. As a young attractive woman why not rock someone's world once in a while.

  • We all have memories we never talk about like the time I went to the bedroom with my husband and his older brother 3 months before our wedding. Tee Hee, Our little forever secret.

  • My wife and I went on a holiday 3 years ago and although it was very restrictive on what I was allowed to do I did watch my wife of 20 years (41) lay o her back with a gorgeous your girl who had firey red hair and a matching red bush get on her hands and knees and make my wife reconsider her decision to be straight so many years ago. LOL, All jokes aside she brought out a side of my wife I have not seen in a LONG time, My wife only licked her for a minute or two before saying she needed to hold up a minute and catch her breath, I was hoping to get back into it once she stopped gasping for air but red kinda got a little nervous when the action slowed. The main rule was that my p**** did not enter red's v***** so she was laid back sucking my c*** while my wife went down on her but as soon as my wife stopped she kinda pushed me back and it all went downhill from there. My wife did say "Hold up, I just need a quick drink and to catch my breath" but red said "I am so sorry, You are both so hot but this was a mistake" and bolted so....Not sure what that was all about but...

  • Not the same but...I went to cuba with my parents on a winter vacay and since I was 18 it was the last time they offered to pay for me to go, I ended up having a few drinks with a woman at the lobby bar and thank goodness I had my own room because she invited me to hers and I spent a large portion of the night time hours with her and her husband, I would say she was maybe 40 and she commented that he was 45. Pretty sure I made a few dreams become reality that night being your basic blonde, Big boobed, Pretty 18 year old at the time. No regrets just still sort of wonder why I did it 100% not a fail and each took a turn getting me off and vice versa and has so far been the only time I got off more than once in one session but have never gone down on a girl since (11 years).

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