Locked out of my hotel room

I was staying in a busy city centre hotel and went to bed about midnight after a few drinks with colleagues in the bar. At about 1am, I needed the bathroom, so I stumbled out of bed in the dark and headed to the bathroom. But the door of the bathroom was adjacent to the door to the room, and there I was bleary eyed in the corridor on the 7th floor of the hotel as the door clicked shut. It took me a few seconds to realise where I was and then a few more seconds to work out that I was unable to get back into my room. And of course I had been sleeping naked. There was no one about and my instinct was to hide - so I ran to the stairwell door - no one ever uses the stairs to get to the 7th floor I thought - And so far so good, there had been no one in the corridor and there was no one in the stairwell either. Phew. What to do next though? The only way of getting a replacement electronic key that I could think of was to go to reception. But it was going to be bad enough the reception staff seeing me, but worse than that there were sure to be lots of people still around as the bar would inevitably still be open. Looking back into the corridor, the only answer I could come up with was the curtains at the window at the end of the corridor. Without thinking it through too carefully, I slipped back into the corridor and ran to the end, grabbed one of the curtains and pulled it hard, and it came down, breaking all the plastic curtain hooks. I wrapped it around me and headed for the lift. When it arrived it was empty. So far so good. Into the lift, wrapped in a hotel curtain and down to the ground floor. When the door opened, my fears were realised - the lobby was far from deserted. As if it was the lost normal thing in the world to be wrapped in a hotel curtain, I approached the reception desk and explained that I was locked out of my room and requested a replacement key. The receptionist asked me my room number and surname, handed me a card key and wished me a pleasant evening. I took the key, walked back to the lift, and was so pleased when the doors closed and I was again in the lift on my own. I arrived at the 7th floor, went back into my room and went to sleep. I’m the morning I woke up thinking it had all been a dream. But no - there was the curtain, hanging on the back of the chair.

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