Hot principal

In my small Ontario town, we have a bunch of schools. Roman Catholic, French immersion, and regular old public schools. Well at one of the schools the principal is a fifty year old fox. 5’5 125 pounds of tight formed muscle and an ass that looks like the ripest peach you’ve ever seen. She was a track star in high school and university and her body has held that shape since she was a teen.
One thing we both have in common is our love of music. We both have been attending local music jams for the last six months and sit together everytime. We’ve definitely gotten very close and last night at the jam, when the bar was closing down I realized she’d had way to much to drink, and after she said she’d get a cab home, I told her I had no problem driving her home. We loaded our guitars, got into my car and headed to her place about thirty mins away.
Now it should be noted, she’s divorced but I have a gf. When we got to her house, she stepped out of the car and slipped in her driveway, falling flat on her ass. I jumped out and slowly made my way to her. She was laughing and moaning in pain when I got there. I picked her up off the ground like a baby and carried her to her front door. I got her inside and sat her on her couch, then went to get her guitar.
When I returned she was standing in her living room in front of a full length mirror with her pants down to her knees looking at her now bruised ass. I almost dropped her guitar, and cleared my throat to let her know I was standing there. She giggled and turned so her ass was facing me and bent over asking if it looked okay. I was completely speechless and couldn’t contain myself and dove in face first while pulling her g string to the side licking her from front to back. She in turn grinded her ass into my face. Long story short what should’ve taken me an extra thirty mins, ended up taking two hours, and I had to come up with a really good lie for my gf when I got back home. Now I’m wondering if there’s something to this or if it was a one time thing. Guess I’ll find out next week at the next jam.

Dec 1

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