I remember these boys in school showing my girl friends and I a video on their phone they had secretly taken of boy in the showers. He was standing stark naked shampooing his hair unknowingly exposing every bit of himself. It was such a turn on watching him all soaped up with his d*** hanging out, we couldn't stop looking at it. Eventually he found out every girl in school had a copy in their phones and world must have caved in on him. He was so ashamed he never said anything out of embarrassment. We watched that video for months wishing we could had seen him with a h******, but guess that would have been asking for too much. Anyway it was such a sexual turn on, I'm bet most of us are using our fingers more often. I really miss my high school years.

Dec 2

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  • One of the girls in our school took videos of her gym class in the locker room, and was selling the photos to all of the boys. I never bought any, but some of my friends did and showed them to me.
    Amazing how pudgy some of those girls look, was different than they do dressed.
    So far nobody has been caught, but probably they will be.

  • So you all don't mind being in possession of child p***? It is a felony even if children make the video. So f*** you and your pedophilia thoughts.

  • Some of the girls at our local high school got caught taking videos with their cell phones in the girl's locker room, and they were selling them to some of the boys.
    Quite a fuss here locally, it seems that some of it made it to selling them on the internet, and they managed to get videos of close to 50 of the school girls.

  • We pranked a girl from our school last year. We have a tradition of "senior skip day" just before graduation. All seniors just skip a day of school and meet somewhere for a day long party. This event was at a local river spot. A girl that most people hate showed up. She is an annoying b****. She got major hammered and passed out. She was in a bikini laying on a blanket. We took off her bikini and used sun screen to write "b****" across her tummy. We left her naked in the sun. As she sunburned the sunscreen left b**** written in white surrounded by the red skin. People took pictures of her all afternoon and the pictures ended up everywhere.

  • You are all turds.

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