I feel horrible

ok, so i just turned 17 the other day and i realized ive never had a girlfriend, i hang out with friends that have their arm around a girl, wished more than anything i could have the same. I wouldn't say im ugly or anything. im pretty fit i workout, girls often come up to me to talk to me but usually i don't take enough chances and nothing comes of it. As i said before i have somewhat of a social life i hang out with friends a lot. Music is a huge part of my life when im not hanging out with friends i usually sit in my room hit the bong a couple times, play some bass, and listen to music. towards the end of this school year there was one girl i had my eye on =o she had just moved to my school for like the last month of school. i talked to her once from there on i never did. i knew she was interested in me because id catch her looking at me a couple of times during lunch, she would try to get my attention by walking in front of me, walking by when i was sitting with my friends at school, but i never had the courage to actually start a conversation with her. Then the school year ended. I was very angry at myself for never talking to her =/ Its all been getting on top of me lately. There is nothing i want more than to have one while im still in school. i know I've got my whole life to lead after school, but that doesn't stop the fact that your teenage years are meant to be memorable. Boy i really feel like crap right now...

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  • girls like bongs too....

  • try a boyfriend instead. easier access and they're always willing to slip you the c***.

  • Not hitting the bong enough id say =O

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