My pillow as a teenager

As a teenager I learned that I could hump my pillow to o*****.

Dec 3

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  • I humped my pillow as well.

    I started doing it at like 11 or 12. I'll never forget the first time that I e********* and and it was wet. I did it many times and it was dry but the time it was wet was a surprise and it felt so good.

    Even today as a middle aged man I have to m********* if I do not have s** with my wife

  • It's difficult to watch a my pillow commercial now.

  • My poor pillow got folded in half and I would ride that sucker multiple times a day sometimes haha. Good thing we had a stash of pillow cases kept in the hallway closet, I am sure my mom must have wondered why I had a different pillow case almost every day until I got caught by my cousin and she taught me the joys of the bathtub faucet. OMG, Legs up on the wall, Water cascading down on my c***....Goodbye pillow, Hello faucet.

  • How old was you. When you stated.

  • Indeed, a lot of girls discovered that trick. Boys often discover that blankets, especially ones lines with some sort of satiny material work well too.

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