What did she expect.

My friends went out slumming it one night at a downtown ** known for having local girl get on stage in an amateur night, Well...Low and behold one of them recognized my sister, recorded a short, sneaky video and showed me, I confronted her with it and didn't intend for this to happen but she went to my friend and he blackmailed her into letting him bang her.
I didn't find out until two months later but since then they have been blackmailing her into coming over for private parties and...Yeah, they get her to dance and strip and then they have been taking turns ** her. I am not happy about it and have since shut that ** down but what did she think was going to happen and now there is a bunch of videos out there of her doing some real nasty **, Some alone and some with my friends, as many as 8 of them in the one video.
I got mad and basically stormed one of these parties, Threatened to kick the ** out of everyone there and confiscated all their phones, Mad them unlock them and deleted all the stuff on them but who knows how much is already out there.

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