My wife and kevin

My wife and I live in a big 4-bedroom house in the country; I'm a lot older than she is, and can't really satisfy her that way, We started having big parties once a month on Friday nights, with open-minded friends; pickups and wife-swapping not only permitted, but expected. I think all of my buddies have been cuckolded in our bedrooms; Jerry poor guy, 3 times a cuckold, without getting any himself. I've banged 2 of my wife's workmates, but she claims she has held out; none of the guys appeal to her.
We hired a new guy at work, Kevin. He's a black guy, very good-looking, tall and muscular; once in the washroom as he turned away from the urinal, I could not believe what I saw; at least 6 inches just showing, and much thicker than mine. I told Mary Ann about him, she said he would be a good date for her divorced friend Judy, who is starved for s**. So I invited Kevin, and she said she invited Judy.
The night of the party, drinks, dancing, laughter, but Judy hadn't shown up.
I saw Mary Ann dancing with Kevin, very close after a while; when the music stopped and they separated I saw the huge bulge in the front of his pants.
I was looking over the women, when I noticed Kevin was missing; a few
minutes later Mary Ann slipped out the front door. Soon after, very curious,
I started up our long driveway; when I came to Kevin's big white van I stopped. A hot night, the windows were down; I could see a couple in the
back seat, kissing; I moved closer as they gradually laid down; I could hear the rustle of clothes being removed, soon a very large brassiere was hanging on the seat back. More squirming and panting, they were now in the missionary position, a woman's voice, urgently "Oh, Kevin; in, in, in!"
then "ooooh!" as that huge hard d*** took her. The van began rocking; I moved right up to the open window; the woman''s legs spread wide, knees bent, a pair of white panties with red hearts hanging from one ankle; with a shock I remembered seeing Mary Ann putting on those panties earlier. So I
stood there at the open van window, watching and listening, as my friend Kevin cuckolded me, f****** the ass off of my wife with that huge hard d***. A lot of stroking; I heard Mary Ann's panting increasing, then she cried out in o*****; shortly after Kevin had his turn, the strokes stopped, his body stiffening, and he gasped in ecstasy as he blew his load deep into Mary Ann's juicy married p****. I ran back to the house; Mary Ann came in, straight to the bathroom to clean up. Kevin came up to me later, a sly smile on his face, thinking I didn't know he had f***** my wife.
She got up first in the morning; I heard her dialing the other phone; I picked up the bedside phone and heard her bridesmaid Jen answer; after a brief chat Jen said "You went missing from the party while I was in a bedroom with Tony; how did you make out?" Mary Ann answered "Oh boy,
did I ever get it, on the back seat of Kevin's van." Jen said "I've heard that black guys have really big ones. And I hope he used a safe." Mary Ann said "No, and I'm worried, because I'm ovulating."
So, it ended up, Mary Ann missed her period, soon her b**** and her lower belly belly began to swell, and she had to confess to me, that not only am I a cuckold, but she is going to be a mother. And 9 months and 10 days after the party she gave birth to a cute little black baby.

Dec 16

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