Best thing that could of happened

I'm 27 and been married for 5 years and have two children,I was having problems with my husband that he had gone off s**.my best mate who ive known since we was kids was very surportive always coming round my house i felt i had a mate to listen,I have a cousin who i was catching up with who told me that he's in love with me and has been since i was a teenager,I was shocked and soon left him i couldn't deal with it at that moment and went home, walking in house i walked in on my husband f****** my best mate now i no why he's not having s** with me he's getting from someone else,I chucked my wedding ring at him and stormed out,one place i was going and that was my cousin's house,I wanted my revenge,my cousin opened his door with just a towel round him i asked if he really meant being in love with me and can't remember if i let him answer i kissed him and once he shut the door i had his towel off and was sucking his d*** that was nearly double the size of my husband's,he was tearing off my clothes as we headed to his bedroom leaving a trail behind us,I told him i haven't had s** in a very long time and just need it my cousin knee what that meant,my cousin shoved me on to his bed and ripped off my knickers and aggressively f***** me,it was the first time having s** that i had an o***** and it wouldn't be the last i had with him,I spent 4 days with him without anyone knowing where i was,i still have great s** with my cousin,if it was ok for my husband to do it why can't i.

Dec 15

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