Haunted By Your Music Dayne, What The **

I was walking around Hermann Park this evening, and whipped around the corner where the zoo was and your ** Rockin song and voice... was blaring from the speakers. Really, like what are the ** odds the universe is going to give me some random sign in the middle of the day in the only section of the park with music that I walk 2 times a week? The month of synchronicity is trippin me out. Are you like a hot witch? She devil? Seductress? Sorry about the hashtag making my confession public, it was supposed to remain private, working on getting it fixed. Do you really think I want you to know how hot I think you are? Although I confess people would probably pay just to see us make out and kiss with our hot lips. ;) The haunting reminders of you are not fair, really it is torture. I just want to wrap my arms around you and cuddle to Sade...Is it a crime that I still want you? The Universe needs to help me out here. Why have the reminders if I cannot have the ladies lips on mine? Sigh, this **. Well at leas this place gives me space to vent.

Jan 5, 2022

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  • Fucck you and fucck your lawyer. I could fit my whole fist in your rear end. I know where the male ** is, so I know which side of your recctum to tickle with my spindly finger. You're gonna love it!

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