I'm a religious, closeted bisexual

As a kid, I watched Spy Kids 3 all the time. I became obsessed with Demetra, the purple girl. To avoid suspicion, I told everyone I had a crush on Arnold, the red boy, but that wasn't true. I was in LOVE with Demetra; even wrote my first poem about her.

Fast-forward to on-campus college, I came out as bisexual to my bi roommate, lesbian supervisor, pansexual RA, transgender coworker, and basically anyone I wanted. I even attended pride events. It was extremely freeing to actually say it out loud.

My only regret is not having a girl-on-girl experience. Then it hit me... girls don't find me attractive because of my religious appearance. In my religion, we have to cover up and that... might turn people off in the sense that religion is seasoned with homophobia.

Now, I'm on college break and I feel closeted again. I express my attraction to women, girls, and feminine energy but they just side-eye me. I'm worried this and the internalized homophobia from my religious upbringing will keep me from actually being with a woman.

Next Confession

Why do find all thing obesity **

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  • You can't serve 2 masters. Get right with God. Repent abd be baptized in Jesus's name.

    Being "religious" and gay is a paradox.. That won't get you to heaven... read the KJV Holy Bible.

  • A trans lesbian.. so they are biologically male?

  • What??? No such thing. Male or female. Men and women. Saying They is a legion of demons. So you people are insane

  • Confusion, confusion, confusion. Get right with God. Repent.

  • Darling, there is nothing more beautiful than the feeling a woman gives another woman when they explore each other.

    I’m 50 and been married for 25 years to the same man. He is a wonderful father and a great husband. He is well endowed and the best male lover I have ever had.

    But not even my husband can make me feel as beautiful and amazing as I feel when I am in bed with my best friend.

    I’ve had ** with many men before I got married. Shoot I even had 3 men at once. But nothing is better than a little time with my best friend except maybe when I watch my hubby pound her. I love it Because I know that I get to lick her dirty little ** all clean

  • Ew you're gross

  • You need Jesus ma'am.

  • Gay ** I corrective raep you. A big ** like mine will make you straight again. Your vagine needs to get stretched.

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