She loves to stare

I remember waking up and seeing my bedroom door closing.

I lived with my in-laws, I had a cat that would tear up the carpet if the door were closed so it was always propped open when my wife would leave for work. (I worked nights)

My father-in-law would leave for work at 3:50 am and my wife at 6 am. My mother in law I thought would leave at 8 am.

I noticed my door would be closed sometimes which concerned me because I didn’t want my cat tearing up the carpet. I’d open it, go to the bathroom and think nothing of it, until. One day I woke up and obviously had morning wood. I’m average 6 inches but thick. I stretched my arms out and then relaxed completely exposed with my sheets on the floor (it was summer). My eyes were still sleepy, so I kept them slightly open when I noticed a person at my door. Embarrassed and scared I just froze and heard my door close.

My wife always put a shoe or something at the door to prevent the door from closing, due to my cat. This time I noticed my slippers both together at the side of my bed (4-5 feet from the door) and my door clicking shut with a faint shadow of a person doing this all. I was so shocked and turned on by this.

My mother-in-law came into my room saw me completely nude with morning wood!!! I didn’t say anything for days and then the same thing happened over and over again. I loved it and would j*** off after every incident. One time I noticed the door was closed but my mother-in-law opened it to look in. I quickly closed my eyes as she would stare. I started to get brave and would cause my p**** to pulsate. I was basically waving hello with my p****.

I’d hear her breathe deeply as I would do that. I could almost hear a smile. This wasn’t an everyday thing but EVERY DAY we did that I was happy and noticed her mood was good later in the day.

Jan 12

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  • I would ask her to join in

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