Cuckold relationship gone bad

I am a cuckold male. I entered this relationship two years ago willingly and with my eyes open as to what my role would be. The problem is that things have changed and I am regretting my decision. I feel like a fool.
In my first few months my girlfriend trained me to be obedient, accept being humiliated and degraded, perform clean up on her used p****, accept a chastity device and even take a strap on in my ass. I am rarely allowed to have s** with my girlfriend and I obey any directions from her boyfriends.
About a year into this arrangement my girlfriend decided to feminize me. I actually enjoyed it. I lost a little weight to get a girlish figure. Grew out my hair and started a regular salon/home routine for hair removal. My nails and toes are always painted, learned how to put on makeup and always dress as a girl when home. A few of her boyfriends have enjoyed me being a "sissy" cuckold. I am often made to suck c*** and even lick b**** and ass as they f*** my girlfriend.
The problem began a few months ago. Men were coming to the house and paying all their attention to me? They had no desire to have s** with my girlfriend. I was made to service these men on my own. One night a man came by. He handed my girlfriend money right in front of me. I realized I was being pimped out. The man took me into the bedroom and f***** me. Afterwards I confronted my girlfriend and she admitted that "yes" she was selling me as a prostitute. She laughed and said "married men love trannies".
Things went too far last week and I think I need to get out of this situation. Last Friday my girlfriend dressed me in an especially slutty outfit and drove me to a house in a not so nice neighborhood. She ordered me to come with her. A large black man answered the door. He pulled me inside and handed my girlfriend an envelope. As the door was shutting my girlfriend said "I'll pick him up Sunday". There were three other black men waiting inside. I was pretty scared and rightly so. I have to describe the first few hours as a complete rape situation. My arms were held behind my back as the men took turns f****** my mouth and forcing me to deepthroat their large c****. They laughed as I choked and gagged. They would hold their c**** in my throat until I nearly passed out. When they had enough fun with that they tore my outfit to rags ripping it off me. They held me face down as the first man violently raped my ass. He had a very large d*** and it hurt really bad. At that point I decided I would get hurt less if I stopped struggling and just sucked and f***** until they were satisfied. For two days they used me in the most disgusting ways possible.
I want to leave this situation but I have nowhere to go.

Jan 18

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  • She slowly but steadily brought you down the primrose path from c*** to s*** to
    prostitute. I agree that you are stuck. You will adjust to the bbc and reach a point when only their rough treatment will make you c***

  • My wife controlled our s** life. We did natural family planning. This meant no o***** for me unless we were trying for a kid. Years of holding back. Days of unsatisfied elections.

  • I am also a cuckold male, but tamer than you are by far. It just turns me on the see my wife in climax with another guy. They don't have to be bigger or better, or try to offer up abuse, because try that with me and they get a split lip and thrown out.
    We met this couple, she was beautiful and he was very nice looking, but she wasn't into doing anything, so finally I got him aside and told him he would need to slip away and show up by himself.
    Three days later, 8 PM, a knock on our door, the wife answered and let him in, she figured out the deal instantly. As he and I sat and chatted, she went in, took a shower, came out wrapped in a towel. She looked at me with a questioning expression, dropped the towel. His name was Gary, he came by once a week, regular as clockwork, he had a nice big d*** and got hard easily and stayed that way.
    My wife would get on top, spread wide so I could sit and watch it go in and out.
    Wonderful fun. She loves doing it for me, because I get so hard from watching. After a guy leaves, I do her myself.

  • Awww shes a c***

  • You are lucky. I'd love that

  • Me and my first wife used to do strap on play. Wasn't a cuckold thing really. But one night she took it too far and humiliated me so bad we divorced shortly after. Christmas holiday her 2 younger sisters were visiting. They were sitting around drinking and gossiping. My wife started to brag about being the "man of the house". Finally she came out and told them about our secret. They all laughed and talked about it until her sisters started teasing me and telling my wife they wanted to see a show. My wife joined in with them and walked upstairs. She came back down wearing the harness with the biggest d**** we had attached. I had only managed to take this one a couple of times before. She started ordering me to get in position and I actually did. I got down on all 4's in the middle of the floor. She got in behind me, pulled my sweats down exposing my ass and started lubing me up. Then she started pushing the d**** in my ass, all the time laughing and telling me to "take it b****". She wasn't gentle and it really hurt. One sister even got up, walked over and slapped my ass a couple of times. She f***** me for about 15 minutes while her sisters cheered her on.

  • What a c***

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