Ok...This is a long one and you gotta

Ok...This is a long one and you gotta keep up.
Im a girl and right now I am dating another girl(I am bisexual,no gay). Anyway, the thing thats wrong with this is that I am also dating a guy who I am in love with and have been with for about 3 years now. He's my everything and I want him so much, but he lives somewhere else and I need someone to keep my attention while he is away. I havent done anything sexual with anyone here besides a heated makeout session(completely out of nowhere) every once in a while, but wait. There is more. Before the girl, I was dating a guy for 3 months, then we broke up, then there was another guy for about a month, then ANOTHER guy a month after I broke up with the last one and it only lasted about a month as well. NOW, there's another guy im interested in, and he's kinda like me about the whole 'finding a distraction' thing except his gf lives here and she even goes to my school! He is the most charming guy I have ever met, and I think I might actually fall in love with this guy if I let myself go. But I know in my heart that my 3 year realationship guy is the one for me no matter how far apart we are and no matter how long it takes for us to see each other again(which will probably be in a few more months because weve actually only been apart a year and a half). So....yea. Comment,but dont be an a******.Advice is really welcome, just not any stupid advice.

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  • Shut the f*** up b****.. you f****** dont know what love means..

  • If youve never been in this kind of situation, then sit the f*** down, because your comment does not count. Girl, ive been there, and I know whats up with what your feeling. Things like this can happen. There IS such a thing as being in love with more than one person and yes, its a tough thing to go through. But you have to chose.NOW. Dont keep them and end up having to rush to pick one when they find out. And I know you must have something more for your 3 years guy(I mean h***, its THREE years!) SO do the right thing.
    ~Mrs. Tell It Like It Is~

  • summing up: u don't give two s**** about the 3 yr guy. unless he knows what you're doing and is okay with it. and if you haven't told him, it's because you know what you're doing is WRONG!!!

  • F** Alert !!

  • Thats true. I really dont want to get caught up...but just last nite I cried over him because everytime I see him my heart jumps and speeds up. It feels like love, but i think that its just a big crush and its killing me that right now I cant shake it. But right now were ignoring each other and maybe we will continue to do that and I can get away from temptation..

  • ok well im glad that ur not gonna do more than kissing, and ur right life is short thats why u should be faithful to ur 3 yr bf. Dont u think it would be horrible to loose ur bf because of a kiss? But when u think about it, it is really,really tough to have a happy long distance relationship. Thats why id understand if u couldnt take it anymore and started dating someone but i dont think it should be this guy that ur talking about its not a good idea to even kiss him what would his gf think if she found out.

  • I do love him..Im just coping with the fact that this is my first long distance relationship and he is my first and also that I want to be my only one, but anxiety gets me really bad about those things and I feel like i only live once so I might as well,just as long as i dont do anything more sexual than kissing.

  • ok well, i wish u luck and i hope u stay with ur 3 yr bf.

    Take care :o)

  • You don't love your boyfriend.

  • maybe. right now, ive already broken up with the girl and so now its just me and my 3 year guy, but the charming guy is just so tempting! I just know he's not right for me though. COMPLETELY not right. But he is just the cutest thing! And I dont know about the whole thing on him needing a distraction when his girlfriend is here. Thats on him though. He just talks to me, but its like im getting sucked into him and I think he wants me to...but im not letting it happen. hopefully i wont slip up....but ill be sure to update...
    PS Secont commenter, suck b**** a******. what did i tell you.

  • b****!, d***! f*****!! finish school first you idiot!!!

  • It may be hard but i think u shouldnt let urself stray from ur 3 year bf to this other guy he already has a gf. I have a bf that lives quite far away, it kinda sux but i talk to him everyday. Plus why does this guy want a distraction? If my bf was here i wouldnt want a distraction away from him.

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