I have this thing for lying because I

I have this thing for lying because I thought I'd be cool and all but I was wrong. It only got worse and got myself and others hurt. I know it's not right but I said and done it anyways. I feel bad for the s*** I done to people back then and I don't really know if there's a way that they'd ever forgive me. I don't have the guts to find them and say sorry. All because of me and being a stuck up shallow person back then had made me realize that I'd be the one who gets that kind of treatment in the end. It sucks. And I'm deeply sorry for that. I did what any stupid kid would do for some popularity, I didn't think. I'm stupid for not even caring. I lost some friends by doing that. My life now isn't suppose to be what it is now. If I were to stick up to you people and didn't care what others thought then I wonder what life would be like if I did that? But hey, it's the prenent now. Time for some changes. I changed ever since some b**** started to pick on me in grade six. I think she's a d*** or something but she looks like a babboon. But anyways, yeah. Sorry deeply sorry for mistreating you if you're out there. Or even still alive for that matter. Just keeping this up inside feels like a heavy burden. I shall not rest till I actually see that person who was once my friend, and apologise to her and set our differences asside. I damaged other of my own friendships by lying to the only real male friend I got. I'm a sucker for lying I can admit that. But I sworn from this day forth that I'll tell the truth.. Well only some of the truth just for protection. But just knowing what I've done has kind of hurt me inside, and remembering what I did just tears me up inside. I wish someone can save me from myself.

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  • Your confession sucks, I can't follow it, and I missed the point. . .

  • I think you may be lying rifht now.

  • I had a friend that backstabbed me so many times and we use to be best friends i dont know if she does but i really wished she felt so bad for doing what she did to me she really ruined me a lot.

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