This guy

Theres this guy that I was really into for a while. I dreamed about him and he was all I could think about. at a point though, we started talking more consistently and I really liked him, though there were a few red flags. then, one day, he asked me for pictures of my **. I told him I didnt feel comfortable with that, but he continued to ask anyway. one day i did send him a bra pic, but that was all I ever sent. he stopped talking to me soon after, and he would consistently leave me on read. finally, he just stopped talking to me in general, and when I accidentally sent a vent to him about him instead of sending it to my friend, he told me to get over him. he said that we were a mistake. and we should have never talked. he recently unadded me on snap and now we don't talk. I never got to tell him how I really felt, nor did I get to tell him how much he meant to me before he destroyed me. sometimes i dont know if I really want to talk to him again. but here I am, crying over him kissing someone else.

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  • If he's like that he's doing you a favor by staying away.

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