An accidental relationship with my best friend

I confess, I got into an accidental relationship with my best friend. How did it all start? Well let me tell you the story of us. Call me Milly and call my best friend Billie.

It started in third grade and at the time the kids were talking about marriage. I think one of my classmate's moms was getting remarried. I don't remember. But what I do remember is this, a different boy in class told us, "my mom says you have marry your best friend." Me and Billie knew our friendship would last till we're 18. So I said, if me and Billie are best friends, then we're getting married one day. We had to. He agued that were girls, so it wasn't possible. Billie replied that that's not what he said. We both snickered at him. He was baffled. He looked like he wanted to go back on what he said. I taunted them that we're going to get married and he couldn't do anything about it.

A third boy next to him giggled that if we're that serious then she should practice for our wedding day kiss. He said it like he got me or something. Everyone then reacted with an enthusiastic ooh! It was a shocker to me. I never thought about kissing anyone let alone a girl. She looked nervous too. They looked at us like they were witnessing us enact a dare. We looked at each other and decided to do it. We did a small peck on each others lips. The first boy was like, what?! If you're going to do it, do it right. I came in closer with a better kiss that time. A longer one for sure. Her lips tasted like watermelon.

Just then the third boy said, wait. Only people in relationships ever kiss. An even more enthusiastic ooh came from the class. That meant we just started a relationship. Just then the teacher came in from her bathroom break and told the class to settle down and no talking. We didn't say anything about what just happened because of the rule.

Me and Billie were both confused kids who tripped into a relationship. We didn't know what lesbians were, but that's what we were. We did what you do in one. We held hands. I kissed Billie on the cheek. I used my allowance at the arcade to get tickets to get her a promise ring. I saw someone get a promise ring in a sitcom a few time for their girlfriend. It was a promise to stay friends. We even treated eating at fast food places like dates. That's all I can remember.

This all lasted quite awhile. Our parents never suspected a thing. We thought they new what we knew, we were best friends who would get married one day because that's just what you do. They only found out because my mother walk in on us practicing kissing. ​She asked what was going on and I said we were just practicing. Billie added... For our wedding day one day. She asked how long this had been going on for. I said, since after the summer I got my red bike. I had never really thought about it myself untill then, but was barely two years.

Me and Bill got the talk from our parents separately that we were to young to date. We both had to wait till we were 16 and to see if we were even still friends by then. They also said you're too young to know yet if we were lesbians or not. I asked what a lesbian was and mom said, a girl who has relationships exclusively with girls. Because of all that I never thought of boys that way. I guess this was nature telling boys to beat it.

We did end up waiting until we were 16, but only because we weren't romance obsessed like some of the other girls in school after out talk. By then we finally got back into romance. You see, the best girls in school were in relationships and we didn't want to be the last ones alone. So me and Billie gave it a second try when the year came. If we had to choose any one person I'm glad it was each other. We were still best friends by then, thank goodness.

To make a long story short, I got into an accidental relationship with my best friend. It was a happy little accidental to say the least.

Next Confession

Our open relationship was not planned

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  • This sounds too good to be a true story.

  • Are you still with her?

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