Our open relationship was not planned

My wife and I went together for 14 months before we got married. She was a 16 year old virgin when we got married and things changed some years later. We went to a private party at a friends apartment and everyone brought their own drinks. At this time, my wife was 42 and I was 44 and we had been married for 26 years and she had never had s** with another man.
For her, we tiook margarita mix and tequila and I took beer for myself. As the night got later, some of the couples started leaving. My friend's girlfriend had to leave early too, because she had to work the next day. As it ended up, my wife and me were the last to leave and when we mentioned leaving, my friend asked us to stay a little longer, so we did.
We were just sitting in the living room, talking and listening to music and soon, my wife told me that she thought she would have another margarita, so I went into the kitchen and mixed her another one, but this time, I put almost a double shot of tequila in that one. She was already feeling the effects of 2 or 3 she had already drank.
About 20 minutes later, she excused herself to go to the bathroom and nothing was thought of it. She was gone for about 5 minutes and to our surprise, my friend and I looked up, to see her dancing back into the living room, but she was wearing only her bra and bikini panties. I was quite surprised, but for some reason, I was not upset, but really turned on, seeing her like that in front of my friend. She danced around for a couple minutes and then turned her back to us. She removed her bra and soon threw it across the room as she turned facing us. Damn, she looked so f****** hot and she soon came over to where I was sitting, across from my friend, leaned over and started kissing me. Soon, my friend said he hated his girlfriend had to leave, because he had nobody there for him. I then told her to go over and give him a little kiss too. She didn't hesitate and went over, leaned over the arm of the sofa and started kissing him. The kiss lingered on and on, so I soon got up and walked over behind her and pulled her panties down just a little in the back, but not exposing anything for him to see, but she continued kissing him. I looked around a little and could see that he was enjoying fondling her bare t***, so I pulled her panties down to about mid thigh, but the kissing continued, so I went ahead and pulled them down to her ankles and readily realized that she knew what I was doing, because she lifted her feet, one at a time, so I could remove them.
I then took her panties and went back over to my seat. It wasn't but a moment, I saw his hand move down between her legs, but as soon as he touched her p****, she raised up and came over to me and asked for her panties, but I tossed them over to my friend and told him that he should hide them. He immediately put them down the front of his pants, but she told him she would get them.. LOL. At that time, she went over and trying to get her hand down his pants. She soon unfastened his belt and proceeded in unzipping his jeans. She soon turned and looked towards me and said, "I can't leave him like this." I knew then that she had found his hard d***, so I told her that I was in the same shape, so it looks like she would have do something about the problem she had created. Needless to say, the 3 of us headed too the bedroom and my friend and I both got naked and got on the king size bed on each side of her. WOW, when I saw him part her legs and enter her, with her guiding him into her p****, I thought I was going to blow my load right then. She went wild and making all kinds of noises and loving every stroke. She literally screamed out when she had an explosive o*****.
They both got up and went to separate bathrooms to clean themselves. When she returned, she started f****** me and again, she orgasmed big time and screamed out again, saying it was wonderful. My friend had gotten dressed and was in the living room while she was taking care of me. We both got cleaned up a little and I got dressed, but told her to remain there on the bed for a moment. I went into the living room and told my friend that she was in there on the bed, wanting some more and told him that they could have their privacy while I stayed in the living room. Gosh, I dozed off for awhile, but heard her scream our, "f*** me faster", so it wasn't long, I could hear that noise she makes when she has an o*****. This was her night and she loved it.
We soon left and by the time we got home, it was beginning to get daylight. During the day, after we got up, we talked about it and agreed that it was the best night we had experienced in years. My friend called later and wanted to know if we were both OK and she assured him that she really loved the experience. I had her to ask him if he enjoyed it and he just said H*** Yes, so she asked if he might like for her to come over by herself sometime an OMG, he was ready, but wanted her to call first, to make sure his girlfriend wasn't there. She did go back and f****** he a few more times and one time, he had a friend over there and she ended up f****** each of them twice, before coming back home. We soon got with another couple and swapped with them and that was the beginning of our open relationship. We continued until the pandemic started, so no longer doing it. I know an open relationship doesn't work for many, but for us, it has made our marriage much stronger and our s** life is as great as it has ever been. I just hope I didn't bore any of you with my story, but that first night was amazing and about the biggest turn on I have ever experienced.

Jan 25

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  • Lovely wife yo have!!!

  • Hi, you invited me to visit your post here. Here I am. You kept count? I don't think I could do that or even have a close guess. I always wanted variety and never wanted to many times with the same man simply to avoid any feelings to develop beyond just a shared interest friendship. Repeats would normally have others between them.

    I am happy for you and your wife. Especially your wife that at 16 probably had little experience with what is out there for her to enjoy. Curious though, does she also enjoy the company if other females be it alone on with a couple. I enjoy that but not attracted to women per say, I do enjoy the differences in touch and tenderness.

    The oandemic doesn't seem to be letting up to give us some freedom. Hopefully it will end and I can get back out there. Maybe we will have to demand fully vaxed and tested within the past 24 hours to jump into bed. That would be a downer.

    Enjoy each other. At least you can do that. As long as I don't run out of batteries I think I will get through this. Hopefully.

  • That’s a great story… I’m glad you went for it. Good for you guys!!

  • Up until the pandemic hit, we were pretty busy with our open relationship, but were doing it separately. At the time we stopped, she had been with a total of 36 different men and I had been with 28 different women. My wife had a hysterectomy a little over 2 years before we started our open relationship, so there was no danger of her getting pregnant, so every time she was f***, the guy could leave his creampie in her and she loved it. It's been awhile now, so we probably won't start back, even if there's and end to this Covid. It has been a wonderful experience for both of us. Oh, there were several of the one's we both got with, that we got with several times, so yes, we stayed pretty busy.

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