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Am 14 year old and ever sinced the school year started i fell Madly in love with my classmate he's my heigh ,Beautiful brown eyes with this amazing smile He's funny but the thing is he's one of those guys that takes everything as a joke , i don't think he even ever had a girlfriend before,and he's also flirts with all the cute girls he sees ,he also hangs with the girls (No he is not gay if that's what u think)all the time! witch drives me mad! i don't think he even likes me (as a crush) , sometimes i just keep my ears wide open to find out stuff about him and ones i heard him say that a girl also from my class was the prettiest girl in school , that got me so upset for the rest of the day .
So my problem is i am very shy girl that sits all the time alone in the break and never says anything in class and also kindow a GG (GoodyGoody)
I really wonna start a conversation one day when he's alone but he's never alone and i can't he's just make a joke out of me talking to him
ooh and also he's kindov mean jokefully but in serious times he's so nice
So Please Help me, try and place ur self in this situation and tell what u would do or just tell what i could do , Thank you:)

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  • Look I have this crush on this guy from my new school, (he's really cute!), I'm the shy rebel. I won't talk to U or be around anyone, but my one friend, but when U p*** me off you better watch out and if you try to make me do some stupid rule I'll lash out. Any way I would try to become his friend and get to know him more. Maybe you two will at least be close friends. Just be one of the guys.

  • I am new to this site. Well I have visited this site for the first time to confess my own words but then I saw your post. Here's the thing sister girls never go to boys ever. Yeah you heard me ever. Its the boys duty or you can say we boys only get to approach a girl and propose. If girls like you go to that funny guy and start a chitchat then he will become confident or may be something else. He wont take your relationship seriously and in the end you will just end up dealing with a guy who likes to throw away a girl when his interest is finished. So dont be a goofy one, you are goody goody arent you well just wait and use your techniques to manipulate that boy and make him come to u and propose you. You are a girl, I suppose I dont have to teach you how to manipulate. But not in other ways just use your face n nthing else. After tht comes the tricky part. Before you make a step on entering a relationship always check that if he has any other girl in his mind. If he does then dont ever try to mix up with him. It will become more complicated. And yes last but not the least i would say if u want to start a convo with him then join the coaching class which he takes. After that what you should do figure it out of your own.

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