I am jealous

I friend of mine came out as gay to me back in high school. I was cool with it. Later he came out to everyone.
We ended up going to the same college. First year it was a rule, all freshman had to live in the dorms. Second year we decided to pool money and get a small apartment. Well with campus apartment rates we ended up with a small one bedroom with a foldout couch. Basically a dump.
Now I never thought about our s** lives until we moved in together. Now as a h**** 19 year old guy I know that I am in for banging every girl I can. I never thought about a h**** 19 year old gay guy having the same desires.
My friend has been very "active" in his s** life. Several partners and hook up buddies. We have an agreement that when one of us has company they automatically get the real bedroom. And in a small crap apartment the walls are thin! My friend has at least a couple of hook ups a week.
Problem is that while out on the sofa bed I can hear everything going on. And I am getting turned on by it. I often m********* listening to him have s**. And I am even starting to feel jealous and have thoughts and fantasies of being in the bedroom with him.
Am I crazy?

Jan 28

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  • My first college roommate freshman year was a jock who had f***** a lot of girls while in highschool while I was still a virgin. He would bring girls into our room late at night after I went to bed. I would watch as he f***** each of them and would imagine that I was f****** them. One girl who I thought was just beautiful spent many nights f****** him in our room. I saw this girl one day and I worked up the nerve to talk to her. She in addition to being beautiful seemed very nice. I asked her out and she accepted, and we went to a movie and after we went to my room. She immediately recognized that she had been there before except on the other bed. We made out for a while and she asked me if I had watched her being f*****. I said that I did. Nothing more happened and I walked her back to her dorm. Late that night my roommate came in with a girl and it was my date. She sat on top of him while they f***** and looked at me. This continued for three more weeks until after our weekly date we f*****. Then she never f***** my roommate again and we dated all through college and I asked her to marry me after we graduated. I still think of watching her f*** my roommate and it still makes me very h****.

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