Darn computer geek

I am being blackmailed by my husbands kid brother. My husband is the oldest of a large sibling group. Seven kids in all. The youngest is a 20 year old s**** up named Allen. He barely made it out of high school and flunked out of college. Allen's latest attempt is computer tech classes. My husband invited Allen to live with us during the six month program.
Well Allen often uses our laptops for the online/remote parts of the class. Thats where the problem occurred. When using my laptop the damn little computer geek got in my emails and found a website I use frequently. Yes, I occasionally cheat on my husband. No affairs, just hook ups for s** and fun. Little Dr. Spock found out and instead of going to his brother, he started hanging it over my head.
I am much older than him. I am 35 and chunky. My t*** are fairly big but I have an ass that should have been divided between three girls. And apparently Dr. Spock has an ass fetish. The first time I let him f*** me he went right for my ass. Now every time his brother isn't around I get f***** in the ass. He is getting a little too bold and I am worried I won't be able to make it through the next few months without getting caught.

Jan 29

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  • You deserve what you are getting but are not getting all you deserve. You cheated on your husband multiple times. When discovered you should have gone to him, confessed, apologized, and take the outcome. Maybe there would have been some punishment or penitence. Instead you gave in and are now in more trouble. Soon he will tire of your butt and then what happens? Will he share you with others? Tell his brother? At a minimum you will be his butt slave forever. Go tell hubby.

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