Swan Boy's First Ballet Class

Yes, this is a true story, I swear. My real name is Samuel. I wanted to write this down before I forget some of the important details. I've been thinking for a while, that no matter how many gender stereotypes are broken, there are just certain things girls can do that boys can't. Old fashioned people would tell you that girls can take ballet while boys should play sports, or at the very least anything else. Boys shouldn't want to take Ballet... But I've wanted to for a long time.

As a kid I remember watching flipping the chanles and briefly seeing reality shows of girls in dance schools. Those are the only type of reality shows I like. The skirts they wore and the tutus they were given at the end were beautiful. I wanted to wear them. I kept it a secret from everyone. I haven't told anyone yet.

In the end, I had other things to distract me, like art classes, video games and other hobbies along. I've always had a fantasy of dressing up as a girl and going down to a local dance studio and sighing up as a girl for a class. What's it like being ing a girl? Not that I'm transgender. I know there's more to it than that, but can't a guy be curious about that at least once in his life? I'm still a boy at the end of the day. Think of it like roleplaying.

I thought I have the right figure and voice for it. I practiced trying to sound like a girl, bought some thrift store girl clothes and makeup. I had also been growing my hair out lately. For better context, I'm 21 and I live on my own. I thought it was possible.

I won't waste time with the suspense, I finally did it. I went by the name Sophia. I signed up for the beginners class the previous week and they give me a sheet of what to bring, black leotard, red crop top, white tights and red leg wormers. I to class early and I greeted my self to the other girls. The girls in class are my age of course.
Some of the girls said hello. We started with lots of stretches. Lots of pile in first and second positions and seeing who could lift their legs to the top of the bars. As we did exercises the teacher played some pop music.
I'll skip the boring details and get to the important parts. We took some water breaks and the teacher asked how we're doing. I told her I was doing fine in my best female voice. I got a compliments, because even though we all brought the required outfits to wear to class, mine looked descent. I looked like you typical lady. I looked lovely. I only had light makeup on, not too much but just enough.
When class was over the teacher said we did lovely that evening and she'll be more likely she'll be playing classical music next week. She said that she hopes to see us all next week.

This class is just a hobby. I don't know what I'll do with the rest of the week. This is a big confession for me. I went to the class yesterday. This is Swan Boy's First Ballet Class. True story.

Feb 1, 2022


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  • So you want to roleplay as a girl?! Weird. You are a strange man.

  • Samuel... I say go for it next week.

  • Swan boy, your life sounds like it just got more complicated.

  • Samuel here...
    Yes it did. I'm hoping I can go to class again next week.

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