What should i do? =[

I broke up with my bf (he is my older bros bff) a few months ago for a reason that is too personal to explain, but i made something up and told him i still liked him though and we agreed on being friends and we have been best friends...i think only once we had a fight but it's cause he asked out my bff. Whatever they broke up and some how our friendship got stronger, we started flirting again we hung out more talked more.
Then on monday my friend (was the bff he asked out...she got demoted from bff to just friend) posted a picture of a monkey on facebook and tagged it as a tecaher...i commented it we were joking around, and all of a sudden she went into b**** mode and we got in a huuuuge fight online, and then my (our) ex got brought up and i dont even remeber half the fight, but the last thing she said was "all i know is my relaionship was longer, he didnt even like you charlie (not real name) made him ask u out because you liked him" that was the end of our fight and realtionship...i was so p***** off at the guy and i guess he saw the fight, so the next morning when he saw me he tried to talk me but i ignored him.
I talked to charlie, and i should have realised my ex bff was always a lyer and b****. and now i dont no what to do cause the guy wont even look at me...i think he thinksi hate him but i also think hes mad at me for not listening to him...i miss him =

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  • i hope it did

  • FYI: We don't need every single detail. Also, and this is important, END YOUR F****** SENTENCES. One long run-on sentence is NOT a substitute for a properly punctuated paragraph. I think my IQ dropped about 15 points, thanks.

  • Seriously, what is it, teen night at the confessional? Damn these winter breaks, go back on your MySpace or something.

  • 1 ur both annoying and bitchy 2 its already been taken care of ;]

  • How is this a confession? This is basic high school drama. This happens to everyone - if you're lucky, several times. Just get the f*** over it. Life is so much more important than this.

  • i'm fat? and me and my friend were bffs since we were little

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