Naughty(ish) nurse

I am 32 male. When I was younger (about18-19) I was hospitalised as I had fallen from a height of about 25 feet and the fall destroyed my left hip joint, needing surgery.

I was on a ward for 3 days before I had surgery and during those three days I had to have blood tests and other tests done involving hypodermic needles.

I have a genuine phobia of needles and I can't handle it at all, I always say to people i would rather be stabbed with a knife (I have been a couple times so I do know what it's like) or have a pitbull set on me (again I have had that in the past, I choked the poor pup to unconsciousness while it was locked onto my arm and I felt horrid for it even though said pup turned out okay) or some other none appealing harm inflicted than have to get a needle and I mean it.

Anyway, while i was in the hospital I would chat and have banter with my nurses. One nurse in particular was good fun to chat to. She was older than me, I would guess early 40s, curvy but not fat, a little better than average looking but not stunning.

One day she was on duty and it was my turn to have bloods taken, we were laughing and joking but as she prepped her vials and needle to collect my blood I started to get anxieties and started going quiet and clammy knowing a needle was imminent.

She noticed and asked if I was okay, I told her about my phobia but said take the blood anyway, however when she tried to stick me I reflexively moved my arm away a few times.she just sort of looked at me hard in the eyes and said to me "if I put your hand here... will you keep still for me?"

And then put my hand directly on her sweet warm soft p****!!! obviously outside of her trousers but still I was so shocked I immediately froze, and hardly noticed the needle while I caressed her p**** with my fingers.

I could feel her slit and the elastic sides of her panties through her trousers and I could tell she sorta liked the stroking because it began feeling slightly damp like she was getting wetter and wetter inside her panties.

Once she had my bloods she pulled my hand away saying "see that wasn't so bad was it?"

I was lying there like a fool with my c*** hard enough to cut glass poking up all obvious. She gave me a little wink and a smile, collected her vials and stuff and left my cubicle,quickly giving my rock hard c*** a very quick parting squeeze as she did.

She didn't do it to me again but I prayed every minute I was in there that she would give me a repeat performance so I could make a move and see if we could go further.

Feb 11

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