My girlfriend doesn't do a*** s**. Or at least she didn't. Last night we got hammered on tequila and thought it was a great idea to do laundry at the all night place a block away. God we could barely walk, I don't know how we got there.
Besides a couple of bums sleeping in the seats staying warm we were alone. We were in the far corner away from the door. As my girlfriend was loading a machine I pushed her head inside and pulled down her sweats exposing her ass. She squirmed and protested but I held her there and spanked her ass.
I pushed her further inside until her entire upper half was in the machine and her ass was hanging out. I pulled out my c*** and shoved it in her. I had to hold onto the machine to keep steady i was so drunk. Not to mention watching toward the door area as I f*****. My girlfriend was screaming and her legs were flailing and kicking. I thought it was great! I finally got off and let her out of the machine. She was a little angry. We gave up on the laundry and somehow stumbled back to the apartment and passed out on the bed.
This morning she informed me that while she was in her embarrassing laundry position I had shoved my c*** in the wrong hole. I had actually f***** her in the ass. She asked me why I didn't stop when she started kicking and screaming? Oops...

Feb 13

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  • Was pounding my wife in the shower and it slipped out went in her ass she jumped out screaming holding her jumping around like a bunny rabbit. When the pain finally subsided she got back in the shower called me to look she was bleeding I ripped her open ouch

  • I have had a slip before. Damn I wish it could have been when she couldn't do anything about it.

  • What an a******!!

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