Size queen

My first sexual experience as a teen was with a boy who had a very large c***. After that smaller just didn't cut it. The problem is, in college I actually fell in love with a guy that had a small c***. I truly loved him and in spite of the poor s** I married him.
A few years into the marriage he could tell I was unhappy with our s** life. We spent months talking about it and finally came to a solution. We evolved our marriage into a "cuckold" type of relationship. I assured my husband that our new experiences would not harm our love for each other and everything would be open and he would be involved.
At first he was hesitant to participate. We would make contact and invite a s** partner to our home. My husband would spend the night in the guest room while I received my dose of something BIG! Gradually my husband became involved. He would watch, even take some video that we would later view during our private play. Eventually my husband got bolder. He surprised himself when he found out he loves "sloppy seconds". He was amazed at the feel of my loose c** filled p****!
One night I talked him into eating my p**** after a guy had finished in me. That really triggered things. At that point we really entered into a cuckold relationship and I knew I was in control. Now my husband knows I will order him to "clean up" after I have s** with another man. Now I also make him clean the men as well. It was so hot when I saw him take his first c*** in his mouth. One night I invited a guy over for the sole purpose of teaching my husband how to suck c***. We spent the evening making him learn how to suck properly, take deepthroat, lick b**** and even rim ass. Now it is my husbands duty to suck men hard and guide their c**** into my p****.
Maybe I will give an update soon. We are currently searching for an appropriate guy we will spend an evening teaching my husband to take a c*** in the ass.
We have never been happier and our s** life is fantastic.

Feb 13

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  • I actually was afraid to have s** with my wife’s friend Stacy because I had heard rumors she was a size queen. About eleven years go by and we see each other at a bar. She starts hanging out at my table of course asking where my wife was. I told her out of town. She starts buying me drinks asking what plans I have for later. I’m thinking not with you cause I don’t have a monster c***.
    Anyways after many many drinks we get into my car. We are talking and she admits to always having a thing for me. I clearly knew why I married my wife and not her. I look back and can’t actually believe I told her what I did. I told her her there was always a rumor she was a SQ
    She just laughs and says who doesn’t like a big d*** but that doesn’t mean she didn’t care if I had one or not. She liked me a lot. I told her I was always shy and afraid cause I wasn’t big by any means. She actually starts crying saying we could have been a thing if I had never heard that.
    I was crushed I never had any idea . We kissed hard and I eventually told her I was always in love with her and will always be. She said the same
    Although we never made plans to be together we still see each other. I sometimes wish I was with her . I’m Hispanic and she’s white blonde gorgeous blue eyes . She is really truly amazing

  • You are to be commended for the training program you have created for your cuckold husband. Pleased to hear how his asspussy will accommodate the massive c*** you will select for him. You may want a second man to distract hubby by filling his mouth with c***, creating a spit roast.
    Additional details of how you dress and address cucky would be appreciated

  • The last guy I dated before meeting and marrying my husband had a large p****., (Husband's a bit smaller than average). I still think of it sometimes but I'm happy with my husband now.

  • I want to be a cuckold and I want my GF to search for and take the biggest thing she can find. I would have a foursome, MMMF, one bigger, one smaller than me, they both fill her up first, small then big so she’s sloppy and stretched, then I go in, then I clean everyone up and share it with her. I’ll send her on nights out to old school friends to get drunk and go home with them, after she’s done them, she goes to the bathroom straight away to preserve the cream in her gusset for me to put directly under my nostrils when she gets home and explode as she describes every inch by inch detail. She keeps a diary of her missions with ratings and whether she’ll go back to collect more cream for me.

    If only it could be true!

  • Me and my husband have a cuckold relationship. A little advice. If you are going to train him to receive a*** start off with a small d**** or strap on and work your way up to the real thing. Especially if your bull is larger. He could get a little to into it and cause your husband a lot of pain.

  • I can’t deep throat and five inches made me bleed. But I love cream, I would love to have a bath in it. Love licking off my GFs face and bossom

  • My favourite though is eating fresh whipped cream, especially big black and white bull cream

  • Maybe he should ram it in your ass for something not too busted..

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