Husband enjoys showing my nudes

Hello everyone! Happy Valentine's Day!

I have a legitimate question and would appreciate any and all feedback. I love taking titty pics for my husband, and sending it to him while he's at work especially. We have a healthy s** life in my opinion. I adore him and love him very much as he does also, we've known each other since we were teenagers.

One time he playfully told me that he has shown erotic pictures of me to his coworkers. That being my b******
As far as I know, who knows? I was shocked. However not in a bad way. I was very pleased and excited, but I hid it. I pretended to be a little upset. He then told me "You know you like it." Of course I didn't admit it. During a time when he left for about a month for training in East Texas, I found out by him that he showed my titty pics to the his boss, who also happens to be part owner of the company! They rode together in the same vehicle. Also other coworkers. He told me their comments and reactions etc. Of course I absolutely loved it, that my husband and highschool sweetheart still thinks I'm hot. I couldn't help but to feel aroused for my husband and wanted (lustful). Who knows how long he's been doing this.

And thinking back, he jokingly told me that when I was asleep drunk passed out, he showed his cousin also his best friend (a soft spoken guy that was a virgin, never even kissed a girl before) my b****, and p****. He said that he let him touch me, so he could see what a breast and v***** felt like. (Sadly he's not alive anymore due to alcoholism.) HE told me this was a "joke" and that it really didn't happen. I think it 100% did. Since then, our s** life has been significantly hotter and we feel closer for some reason. I used to hide that I liked it, now I haven't admitted to enjoying it, nor have I told him to stop doing it. Deep down he knows I like him showing me off.

So my question is simply this: Why does he enjoy showing me off? What does this do for him? Today he showed his boss again!! (the part owner) Followed by exactly this:
"Happy Valentines Love. I was showing you off to my boss, I showed him some of your latest Titty Pics. But if he starts getting fresh with you, you better refuse. Don't disappoint daddy. Okay!" My husband when we were kids was super jealous and HATED when guys looked at me. Now he totally the opposite lmao! Is this something guys do sometimes? He also tells his guys that he gets oral every night, and I believe he really enjoys their reactions. I'm not fishing for compliments, I sincerely wonder about it all. Can anyone explain to me what is going on his head?

Feb 14

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