i want to go party with my friends but

i want to go party with my friends but my bf doenst want me too and i love him

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  • Your boyfriend is just worried that something may happen to you at these parties. (Aka you get entirely wasted or makeout with some dude).
    If he really cares, he shouldn't limit what you can and cannot do. Talk to him. Reassure him that you'll be ok. Trust is key in EVERY relationship. Establish it.

  • Am I bitter: H*** F****** YEAH, I'M BITTER.

  • I stopped hanging out with my friends b/c my boyfriend didn't want me, too. Then he would get mad b/c I pitched a fit everytime he stayed out late. Now after 3 1/2 years, he started going out all the time and didn't want me too, then he dumped me for a white b****. So, don't be stupid and stay home for him. It's only gonna give him more opportunity to do his own dirt and find some submissive white b**** to take care of him and let him drive her car and keep her bank card. It will only end up bad for you.

  • you should listen to him

  • All i can say is if you back down now, you will continue to until it turns into a resentment. There is nothing wrong with some apart time. If you both care for each other then you should trust each other. It's hard sometimes but you can't be around each other 24/7. The most important thing is to not do anything to make him not want to trust anyone again.

  • Why not take him along if you love him so much? If you don't want him to join you and your friends then ask yoiurself whynot? Then ask yourself if you really love him.

  • lol does he love u?

  • girl, if you really want to go, then go. the only reason you shouldn't is if you believe that it's wrong, too. if you don't then don't let him think he controls you!! be strong!!!

  • You are not married and this should be the time to enjoy of within reason. You are an individual and he does not own you. I am male and when I was much younger i flet tha same about my wife, but became older and wiser in the second marriage. There must be trust and each individual has be secure within himself. If a person wants to cheat they'll do anywhere including at home when the spouse is there. I have seen it!

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