Mommy's underwear

I am shy, 46 and a cross-dresser. I very much need for someone to act as a strict parent with a very clinical manner and question me about my small privates and my wearing of women's underwear/nightgowns. Please make fun of my underpants. This needs to include forcefully demanding pics of myself for proper evaluation. Mommy or Daddy are to decide if examples of my large wife's anatomy/underwear are required.

Mommy or Daddy should be very authoritative and advise that they absolutely need to see me in my underpants. Mommy or Daddy will need to focus on "private area" and order me to strip/pull down underpants to expose embarrassing genitalia. Mommy or Daddy will also need to order me to m********* myself harshly until e********** is observed. Please make me to be rough with my private parts. (squeezing, pinching, slapping of p**** and/or shameful testicles)

I need to be ridiculed and interrogated about how I use my wife's underwear.
I need to be interrogated about my fetishes and how I m********* my genitals.

I NEED to be treated like a little boy and subjected to "playground" taunting and hazing over my little "panty problem" and my infatuation with mommy's brassieres.

Feb 18

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  • I will deposit a sample of bull cream in the unreached unopened fluid receptacle area of your wife. After she has analyzed it you will extract it into your mouth whilst pneumatically drilling your rock hard micro stimulation indicator appendage. You will then obey every command I give to explore the bull and the fluid receptacle area of your wife where the bull left his deposit. After this you will go into the middle of your street in your wife's panties where the bull has left another deposit of cream in the gusset tightly rubbing the dry residue of bull cream all over your throbbing rock hard micro stimulation appendage which is emitting lubrication fluid and mixing with the bull cream and loudly scream "I am a a little girl". All of this will be videoed by the bull and your wife.

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