One of many Fantasies fulfilled P1

My ex and I were 17 yrs the difference in age and we shared a s**'s life that discovered new boundaries regularly and we enjoyed fulfilling and experiencing fantasies we could get away with without causing anyone harm and allow them to happen kinda naturally with a bit of nurturing so to speak but we never really planned their conclusions ! My wife was 19 yrs old when I met her and once she had a drink or two she was open to a bit of adventure and there were other times she enjoyed being completely sober as she was i this first fantasy I will share with you ! My wife was petite and had a lovely light creamy skin complexion and jet black hair ,average size b****** with perky dark nipples and she looked very inviting when she was laying on dark sheets on the bed which is how i found her most evening when i got back late from the pub or work and she had already gone to bed? I would find her on her back with the top sheet just covering her upper body but showing her sprawled legs allowing a slight glimpse of her clean shaved puffy p**** lips, she had a very swollen p**** mound which you could clearly see from the contour of the sheets which only just cover her mound and her p**** lips started almost at the top of the mound and her sweet spot lay just under the sheet and was really inviting . My wife and I used to share our fantasies during our love making which we found very enjoyable and added spice to our love making !

On one occasion we were talking about our fantasies when my wife mentioned that one of her fantasies was when I came home and she was already in bed one of my friends that sometime accompanied me for a few drinks or a cup of coffee and while I was unaware came into the bedroom which if you left the door open you could see the doubled bed clearly when ever you passed by and the toilet was in that direction and saw her partially covered naked body sprawled out over the bed what sort of event would take place and would they take advantage of the situation and how would I feel ? This had my mind reeling back to why she was always poised like that in bed whenever I got home and the bedroom door was wide open ?? It would have to be as natural as it can be without my wife or the guest knowing that I was orchestrating events ? P2 to follow soon !

Feb 18, 2022

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  • Waiting for part 2

  • I did share part 2 ?

  • Mmm can’t wait to hear more

  • You saw P2 Josiegal if I am not mistaken ?

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