I am a deviant pervert

I’m a dirty h**** indecent deviant pervert. I like it that way, I’ll do any indecent sexual acts in front of, and on any female. I would love to see your naked body, I’m naked all the time, and rarely wear anything. As you know I’m also an exhibitionist, but I always m********* in front of the females, most of them are so shocked they just stand there and watch and most worry what else I’ll do, and I’ll do just about anything.

My whole life I have been obsessed with being naked, I’ve lost a couple of jobs because I been caught early in the morning or very late at night working with no cloths on, as I work much better that way. It goes much deeper that that, I love exposing myself in public, in all kinds of places like underground parking lots, I’ll surprise some woman by being completely naked, my p**** erect and when she is looking at me and I’m right up close I’ll start masturbating, I’ll try to get her to touch my p**** or my b****, Now this has had may different results from screaming, running away, hitting me, to just standing there watching, to taking a picture or video to report me usually, but like it. A few times they do like touching me and I’ll keep masturbating and C**, and I do C** a lot, all over her. But to this day I enjoy it. As you see I am a deviant indecent pervert, and I enjoy doing indecent sexual acts in public places.

I enjoy going in to a public female washroom and exposing myself , I wait till the right one opens the door of the stall and I m********* in front of her blocking hr way, to scared to scream I get to c** all over her as she runs away. This is one reason I deserve to be held captive in cold metal shackles. And forced to do even more depraved deviant sexual acts. and to have long heavy gauge needles push strait through my testicles, 3 of them each and a long metal rod forced deep into my urethra and all of these attached to a tens unit turned on up to maximum. This is the kind of thing I want to happen to me over and over, never being released from the chains or the wonderful torture.

I have gone into female gym rooms and masturbated for the females in the shower many times, but I have caught a few laying in a tanning bed or in the dry sauna, where I have quietly crept up on them and grabbed then in the crotch and t*** with my erect p**** sticking right out and one figure touching their warm c***. Of course this happens very quickly and the time for me to escape is a very small window of opportunity. But do date I have been been very lucky.

These are just a sampling of some of my deviant sexual activity, I had to say I have enjoyed every one of those times. Now though I have to settle for exposing myself in the online world, as I was involved in an accident, that cause some brain damage, and my mobility is not quite what it used to be. But I will always be a perverted exhibitionist, and posting my videos on several p*** sites. Such is life as a deviant pervert.

Feb 28

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