MIL lotions me after shower

My mother in law is 75. I’ve been with her daughter for 6 years. MIL has had multiple kids and from multiple men. That’s how I knew she used to be a little freak and might still be. She’s usually watching movies with big muscles men in it like the rock and Batista so think that’s her type. I’m pretty stocky and I help her move things all of the time. She compliments me all of the time on how strong I am and she’ll even squeeze my arm or give it a slap. A few years ago I noticed she started to wear spandex shorts around the house as we all live together. She hasn’t been with a man in years and I thought I’d give her some eye candy so I started doing the same. I have right spandex boxer briefs that show off my thick ass and c*** bulge. Her daughter goes to work at 6 Monday though Friday and I work from home. I started wearing only my spandex until lunch time then I’d throw on shorts and maybe a shirt. We live in a sunny hot area and I get dry skin from my eczema. One time after I showered I was walking around in boxer briefs looking for my moisturizer. I found it and was heading upstairs to the room. She was in the kitchen trying to figure out what to eat. She asked me what I was doing and I told her about my dry skin. She then did what I thought she’d never offer. She asked if I needed help getting my back. I couldn’t have said yes any quicker. She walk around the house all day in spandex shorts and a oversized white T-shirt with no bra!! She’s got these nice big t***. Bigger than D’s for sure. They don’t hang down too low but s**** it. I’d lose to have them on my face sucking them. So we went upstairs to our room and she started to get my neck and shoulders then my arms and back. She offered to do my legs and again I couldn’t say yes any quicker. She got down on her knees!!! And then sat down with her legs crossed. I thought damn she’s in the perfect position to whip my c*** out and start sucking on it. Well it turns out she might have been thinking the same thing. She started with my feet and went up to my calf muscles. At this point she said this would look funny. I asked what do you mean? She gave a quick quite giggle and said because she was down and I was standing in front of her and basically saying it looked like she was about to give me head. I laughed and I said yea it does seem like we are about to do something and she just laughed and didn’t say anything back. She proceeded to do my putter and inner thighs. I pulled my spandex boxer briefs up so she could get higher on my thigh and maybe closer to my crotch and she did. At one point she moved my b**** with her wrist when she was doing my thigh and I think she knew what she was doing. I try not to look at her while she does it so she feels like she can get a longer look and my good parts without being caught by me. Anyways that was it and we both went on our ways. Our room was next to each other and the bathroom was there also along with a third bedroom that nobody uses. I noticed that ever time she moisturizes me after a shower(yes I said every time as In she does it often😎) she goes to wash her hands. Well later on I got bold at that point. I’d leave the door open a good amount and I’d go nude then act like I was getting dressed. At that point I’d have a rock hard c*** from her hands all over my body and I’ve never looked over but I just let it point out hard and pretend I’m getting a shirt on. I’m sure she gets a looks before she goes back in her room. Then I proceed to j*** off and sometimes I’ll go hard so the chair hits the wall and makes a thumping noise so she can hear. I got bolder over time and went from boxer griefs to loose sleeping shorts with the hole in the front to just a towel after my shower. I think I worked my way up to the towel too quick but it was nice the two times I did it. I think sleeping shorts are the key. They are loose and if you get hard your c*** sticks through the hole and it’s like an accident. Or in my case she was getting my thighs again after she had just finished my whole body. She was sitting down in front of me still and I asked her if she could do my thighs again. I grabbed my sleeping shorts close by my crotch and lifted them up and in the she could get a view of my b**** and hard c***. This time I looked straight down to see her expression and when she would breathe out it was kind of like a Blowing instead of breathing like when you eat spicy food. I could tell she was getting a good view. Then like a good girl she started to do the other leg and I got so bold! I lifted my sleeping shorts again and this time pulled them in to the point where my c*** could slip out the side of my shorts....and it did! Twice! The first time I think she tried to pretend she didn’t see it and moved down to my calf a little and I got nervous and pulled it back in but then again quickly I let it come out again and I’m kind of thick so it plopped out and kind of bounced a couple of times. This time she was going up my leg and definitely saw my c***. She said oh! And reached in the cover it. I said oh wow sorry and she said it was fine. My heart was beating so fast and after so many months and months of trying to expose myself to her I had finally done it. I walked into the other room and just got naked. I left the door half open and put my phone down to record. She came out right on que and I had the door open to where she could only see my bottom half on the chair and not my face. She went in the clean her hands and went she came out I got a reaction of her seeing me stroke my c***. She did a double take and slowly walked to her room. Shortly after I exploded while watching her reaction. I deleted the video because my phone isn’t on a password and my wife uses it all of the time probly just to see if I watch p*** or talk to other girls. I’ve caught glimpses of my mother in law naked. She’s changed with the door open and I’ve seen her amazing t***. We’ve even talked about it and I said oh I got red when I saw you. She said it was fine that it would happen eventually from living together. I agreed and said it was fine if we saw each other naked. She said nothing but I feel like she knew what I meant. She is a smart wealthy woman. Not a strain of dumb hair in her. She always asks me where her daughter is when she moisturizes me. I really wanted to feel her hands on me one time and she said we shouldn’t because her daughter was going to need help with grocery’s but she knows when the time time to do it is. Next time I’m going to m********* with the door half open again but I won’t slow down this time. I’ll go normal speed or full speed if I’m about to c**. I want to see her reaction to me going hard!! This was nice to get off of my chest and who knows. Maybe one day she’ll give in and let me fill that p**** with some young hot c**!!!

Mar 8, 2021

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  • Hey guys! Like your comments👍 so basically every few days I go shower and we do our routine. I didn't want to rush into it and ruin my progress but I got over that last speed bump and let me tell you she did age well! She was so wet and just gave into her desires. Should I post a update with details?

  • Wonderful sexy story, but the number "75" kept showing up in my brain while reading it. Perhaps, she aged well

  • Not just a story 😉

  • She is like fiiine wiiine 👌 the head she gave me was absolutely phenomenal!

  • When I was in college, I stayed with my Aunt and Uncle in Las Vegas. He was a Bellhop at one of the big hotels, those would surprise a person on how much they make.
    Anyway, he was on the evening shift so I was home with my Aunt a lot. Usually she wore a T-shirt or a pullover outfit, so I saw a lot of her many times. A few times she came in to use the toilet while I was in the tub.
    One time she saw me trying to scrub my back and asked to help. I was naked, of course, and hard as a rock. She looked and grinned, but that was all. Then after that, she came in to help wash me a lot. It was fun, she would wear a low cut top and her t*** would be hanging out, nothing was ever said, I just got to look.

  • You should have let her walk in on you stroking it. You would have known there if she was down or not

  • Wow I'm surprised she hasn't at least gave you a handjob. Hitting that inner thigh would make my c*** explode if it popped out in her face.

  • I didn't want to rush things. I honestly enjoy her moisturizing my body and watching her facial expressions as I tease her buttttt it finally happened! S*** was so good and I think we might do it again cuz we were both comfortable with each other after we finished

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