i'm not a weak man, just a man.

I like the girl I am dating a lot. But it hurts knowing that she is not ready to be with me, and that at any point she can run back to her ex-boyfriend because deep down she is still in love with him. Despite knowing all of this, I continue to date her, even though I know I should leave.

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  • Get the h*** out of the relationship, you'll be much much much happier, and you won't be there when she decides to cheat.

  • I agree with both posters. You gotta hit that until she forgets the other guy exists. You might want to also take away the p**** for a period of time to let her know what it's like when she's not getting railed by you.

    Let the games begin.

  • how do you know she wants to be with her ex? How do you know she isnt ready? I say if she was still in love with him, then she would be with him, and not with you. Chill out and let things play out.... let her love you :)

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