I Can't Decide Between Puppy Play or Kitten Play

I own a cat and a dog. I've been hearing about Kitten Play and Puppy play. They both sound fun to do... But I know I can only choose one. I would be into them for the nonsexual side of them. I'm male by the way.

As a kid like to draw both cats and dogs, canines and felines, puppies and kittens. I would read books on both animals. My mom and sister did owned a dog and some cats. They were nice to play with. I have my own now, Oscar (my dog) and Nora (my cat). Both are alright and so cute.

It's hard to decide. It really is. I like dog movies and going to the dog park, and I think of what it would be like to run around with a chew toy. I would be fun. I like the Catwoman comic books and wonder what cat treats taste like. They smell good. I go to the pet store and fantasy about owning any of the cat and dog items just for myself. It's a hard to choose. I would want an owner either way of course. It could be my next girlfriend.

I would have to buy a dog head or cat costume head tail and paws and feet to really immerse myself in either role. I would have to get either a dog or cat bed for myself. I would have to decide which brand of dog or cat food I like most, not that I'll stop eating human food. I've seen online what being a Kitten and Puppy Play is like. I like what the nonsexual is all about in both groups. Cute girls are into kittens. Nice playful guys are into puppies. I would probably choose to join a play group, which ever one I choose.

Does anyone have any arguments to either side? I wall also answer questions. Don't make them gross. (AMA)

Mar 15

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