Manhood problem

I don't feel like a man anymore. I am humiliated and can't seem to pull out of it. I'm only 19 years old and in my first serious relationship. But that my be over now.
Without going into a long story of how I ended up in this situation. Last week I found myself in an unexpected position. I was in a hotel room, bent over the side of the bed with a large, muscular guy f****** me in the ass. As my girlfriend watched!
I am not small in the p**** area. 7 inches, but this guy had probably 9 inches and was really thick. I couldn't believe what happened. I was so embarrassed. As he f***** me my d*** got really hard. I couldn't help it. I didn't even touch myself and I was harder than I had ever been. Then I felt myself start to o*****. I tried not to but I shot c** all over the side of the bed and the floor. I wanted it to be over but the guy just kept f****** me. I felt like forever but he finally shot his load in my ass.
He dressed and left. After my girlfriend asked me if I liked it? When I told her no she said "then why did you get hard and c**"? She kept bugging me about it until I finally just told her "yes I liked it". A few days later she asked me if I might be gay. We haven't had s** since that night and she seems kind of distant. I don't know what to do.

Mar 26

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  • Wow! I would have loved to see that.

    I’ve had s** with other men in front of my husband and love watching him pound petite women.

    But a I’ve always wanted to see him get it up the ass

  • You just learned that you are not a man. You are a sissy boy and will be receiving your sexual satisfaction from real men from now on. You did not discuss oral s** but that will be quite important to your male partners.

  • So here's my're bisexual. You have a girlfriend, which I'm assuming that you're attracted to her or she wouldn't be your gf. Two, you had a when you were taking the man. Your gf watched and didn't stop it or ask what you were doing (if she walked in). She willingly watched you. Either the man turned you on or your gf watching you have gay s** turned you on.

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