The toy store for when you need to pay attention to yourself

My mother has an older half sister who lives in the DC area. She is 15 years older than my mother and not my mother's favorite person. When I was 14 I went to Washington on a class field trip to see the Lincoln Memorial. I got permission to go to dinner with my aunt. We went out to her house and she had a nice home cooked meal prepared and she had invited her friend Sarah. My aunt was one of those women who was always chubby and now she was short, with short hair, chubby in jeans, with obviously very large b****. Her friend Sarah was a nurse, around 40, short hair, large b****, stocky, with a tattoo on her hand. The way they talked it was obvious that they knew each other well.

After dinner they took me for a walk down to the duck pond and they asked me the thousand questions of where I wanted to go to school and what I wanted to study. Sarah was more direct than my aunt and I asked them what they did for work and Sarah gave me the Surgical Nurse story and my aunt told me she was the manager of a store. I had to ask, what kind of store. She told me an adult store. I asked what is an adult store. She told me a store where people go to buy movies, and to buy toys for when they want to have s**. Sarah broke in and said many people, mainly women bought toys because they didn't want to have s** with a man or because they didn't have a man in their life. She whispered that women liked having a p**** in their drawer that was available when they wanted it.

When we got back to the house my aunt gave me a catalogue of s** toys, lingerie, s** books, videos. She went through the catalogue and asked me to pick a p**** and she would get me one. What did I like? When that failed to get an answer Sarah went back to the bedroom and came out with three p**** toys, she said when they made love they liked having a p**** to work with, every woman wants a p****. They took me back to the bedroom and Sarah laid out a drawer full of toys, vibrators, a*** beads, nipple clips, c*** clips, and of course a dual p**** for when they wanted to feel together. Only then did Sarah say they were lesbians.

A week after I returned home from my trip I got a present in the mail, with a note to open it when I was alone. Inside was a vibrator, a glass mini p****, and a full size monster p****. A pamphlet and a book. The pamphlet had descriptions and graphics on how to use toys when you have s** by yourself and the book was all about having s** with another woman. Inside the cover was a little note 'in case you get the urge you'll know what to do'.

The toys helped me through high school and college, and the little book when I had s** with another woman. I have a drawer full, toys of various sorts, sometimes you just want to have s** with yourself, when I'm having s** with another woman we use different toys and to be frank we use toy penises a lot.

Mar 31

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