Practice makes perfect

I’m a 50 year old mother of three.

My youngest is having her prom later this month. Her boyfriend came to me and asked me if it would be ok if they got a hotel room after prom. He said it was safer as there would likely be drinking.

I smiled and told him OK, but you better give my little girl a great prom night and not the crappy s** I have burned in my head from 32 years ago. Poor guy did not know what to say.

He stuttered and said some thin like no mam, i am a gentleman. I said darling, I was not born yesterday. My daughter is a very attractive young lady and you are a strappingly handsome young man.

He smiled and said, “Mam, your daughter is beautiful. But you are very sexy. She would be lucky if she grows up to be as hot as you.

I leaned over and gave him a kiss while reaching over to kiss him (we were on the sofa) I let my hand “accidentally” touch his crotch. OMG! He was so hard.

Long story short. We have been “practicing” for a few weeks now and boy is my daughter going to have amazing Prom Night.

I just hope we can still “practice” after prom!! :)

Apr 4

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  • OMG

    My daughter walked in and I was riding her boyfriend (Kyle).

    I was about to climax and couldn’t stop. I finished and collapsed on top of Kyle. He gently rolled me off of himself and stood up and embraced my daughter.

    She was in tears. He said “babydoll, it’s not what you think. I was so embarrassed by prom. How I just couldn’t last with you. I told your mom and she assured me it was normal. I came over to see you and you were not home and your mom was here in her bath robe. Next thing I knew I was on my knees picking up the glass I dropped and your mom’s robe opened up. Nature took over and I began to lick that glorious p**** which brought you into this world. Then next thing I knew your mom was riding my c***. All I could think was OMG. Then I realized. I’m being f***** but I did not c** as soon as I entered. Then I saw you open the door. I saw you and I exploded and your mom felt obligated to finish.”

    He then gave her a kiss. My daughter asked me to stay and coach them. We actually ended up taking turns riding Kyle while the other sat on his face.

    Melissa thanked me afterwards. And Kyle texted me “hey hot momma. don’t worry. I love Mel, but I absolutely love your p****. My c*** belongs inside of my Mel”s momma”

  • Yesterday was an early release at the HS.

    My daughter had track practice so Kyle (my daughters BF) came over to visit.

    He was unzipping his pants before he got through the front door as he greeted me with a kiss. I closed the door and dropped to my knees and sucked him off right there by the front door. He kept talking dirty and how much he wanted me. He e********* and the volume of c** was incredible. He pulled me to my feet and we kissed some more perforce I could swallow. I always wanted my husband to do that or to lick me after he fills me with c** but he never would. But now this young man is driving me wild.

    We went to the den cuddled and fondled while watching some p***** on demand. Another desire I had for my husband and I which had been unfulfilled.

    Before I knew it a couple of hours had passed. We were in the bedroom and doing the 69. We had just climaxed together at the same time and I made such a gushing mess. I laid on him as we kissed and licked c** off each others face laughing like young teenagers.

    Then a few minutes later I felt he was hard again and slid down slowly easing his hard young c*** into my v*****.

    As he slid inside we botched moaned with delight. As I sat up and began to ride I noticed Kyle looking towards the door with a big smile and my daughter was standing there watching me ride Kyle.

  • I was a student athlete in my small high school and in my senior year. Not to sound like I'm arrogant but I was popular with the females too.
    Gemma's family was Italian. She was a junior average looking, tall & thin with curly hair, glasses, nerdy and smooth olive skin. Everyone knew her family was crazy strict Catholic and Gemma had a crush on me. I had a class with her and we started talking & flirting. We started dating and I thought I'd see how long before she gave it up. After a month things got serious. She gave me a b******* and we were planning on having s** soon. I guess I should add here that her mom did not like me at all and was very outspoken that she hoped we would break up soon. Her mom didn't like that I was not religious, never attended church and refused to attend mass with them.
    On the day we planned to have s**, my parents were gone for the weekend and I went to pick her up.
    Her mom answered the door wearing short sundress and told me Gemma had taken the kids to the church to volunteer for the day but insisted I come in 'to talk'. BTW: Her mom late 40s, kicked out 5 kids and still in great shape.
    She sat me down and to talk. She started out that she still didn't approve me dating Gemma but she had no control over that. She rambled on about some stuff then she tells me Gemma and her are very open and she confessed this was the day she would loose her virginity. I was 18 and didn't know how this was going to go.

  • Well, the craziest thing happened. Her mom offered for me to f**k her instead because she knew all I was craving was s** and she wanted Gemma to stay pure for her husband. She said, "Here's the agreement. If I give you s**, then you have to break up with Gemma because I know you are only dating her to get inside her panties." Damn! That woman was right. I was thinking. Gemma and I didn't really have anything in common and I knew this was short term.
    I agreed. We had s**. That woman f**ked my d*** hard! I can see why she'd had 5 kids. Looking back, I can see why she didn't want Gemma's w**** switch turned on either. LOL
    I broke up with Gemma. She understood.

  • Wow!

    I don’t know who was luckier Gemma’s mom or you.

    All I know is I’m jealous of Gemma’s mother

  • Before my daughter's first prom, I told her to give her date a b******* early in the evening. I figured there would be less chance of them f****** and her getting pregnant during the night. She told me the next morning she had sucked him off three times, and really enjoyed it. She's been sucking c*** for at least three years that I know of. I'm proud of her for saving her p**** until she gets older.

  • That is a great idea.

  • Missed work today as Kyle (my daughters BF) skipped school and spent the day with me.

    We played all day. He told me how he thought about me while f****** my daughter and that when he closed his eyes and thought of me he could not help but c**.

    After he said that I took him to the bedroom. I stripped him down and threw him on the bed. I started sucking his young hard but very large c***. I placed my bush in his face and he started licking softly then began f****** me with his tongue.

    I took him as deep as I could but it made me gag. I never wanted to deep throat before. We ended up climaxing at the same time. He almost drowned me in c** and I gushed all over him and got the pillows all wet as well.

    I didn’t swallow at first. I quickly turned around and laid on top of him and we kissed. Mixing each others c** in our months with our tongues

    I was so aroused. My nipples were like twice the length of a pencil eraser which was a sight to see on my saggy 50 year old 36 D’s. Kyle quickly began to nurse and I release some colostrum. Those girls hadn’t produced anything in like 16 years!

    Having Kyle suck on my b****** made me so f****** h****. I eased him back on his back and made him keep his hands behind his head while I teased him with my b******. Then I slid my dripping wet bush down and his c*** slipped right in.

    That was my “patented” move in college and the move that drives my husband crazy.

  • I felt Kyle earned it. His c*** was so hard. I don’t remember ever feeling a c*** so hard. It didn’t take long and he popped. He apologized, but I kept riding.

    I told him, “that’s ok. You thought you were ready. We have had lots of practice. But today mommy is going to make you a man”. Not long after I said that he popped again.

    We stopped and cuddled. He was so sad. He said “Mrs M, I’m sorry I don’t understand. We have had s** dozens of times. You taught me how to make love. I made love to your daughter which was great but all I could think about is you. And now I can’t even satisfy you.”

    I laughed and said Kyle. You have satisfied me beyond any man I’ve ever been with. I thoroughly enjoyed all of our practices. But coming back to me has made me feel young again.

    I have not made love like that since well before you were born. And no man. I mean no man had lasted as long as you. Most men popped as soon as I slid them in. And no man but you had fulfilled my 69 fantasy to end with a sloppy French kiss.

    Needless to say we enjoyed the day and by lunch Kyle was out of s**** and nothing would come out when he e*********. But he insisted we continue as he said, “I love the way I feel when im inside of you and I love to make hear you moan”

    OMG, I think I’m in love with my daughters BF

  • Back in the late 1990s, I was a single mom raising a teenage daughter. I made sure to have a relationship like an older sister instead of a 'mom' because I knew the day would come when my daughter would start having s**. When she had her first period. I had her put on birth control so she wouldn't get pregnant at a young age. I also I told her when that day comes, I'd prefer she use protection to prevent STDs.
    When she was 15, she'd been dating H for a few months. One evening we were talking and she told me she's ready to loose her virginity to H on her 16th birthday, in three weeks. We had a mature conversation and my daughter confessed to giving him head but he would get so nervous and e******** early. I gave her some tips.
    A few days later, H came by to see my daughter but she was still at band practice and would be home later. I was talking to H about my daughter birthday and the 'gift' she wanted from him. He was shocked I was openly planning to allow the two of them to be alone in the house that day. He told me he wanted to but he was afraid he'd ruin her day with premature e**********.
    I offered my assistance. I practice giving him head and we had s** numerous times before my daughter's 16th birthday.
    When it was over, I asked my daughter how it went. She said it was the best experience she'd ever had and H was 'wonderful'. They broke up a few weeks later. My daughter confessed that her and H only had s** that one time. H and I had s** 7 times. LOL

  • It is great to have a daughter. Only wish my older two where girls. It’s been an amazing experience getting her BF ready for prom!

  • It was soo cute when my daughter came home with her boyfriend on Sunday afternoon.

    They both had smiles from ear to ear! But I could tell my baby girl was sore. She had “that walk”. As her boyfriend left he gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek and wispered, “In case you where wondering, I prefer you”.

    When I turned around my husband and daughter said something like, “what did he say, you are blushing”. I just laughed it off.

    Today when my daughter got back from school she told me all about prom. She said, “Mom, you said that Prom night is magical. And it was. I lost my virginity and we went through a whole box of condoms. I never expected anything could hurt but feel soo good. I also never thought that a p**** could be that big or that I could fit it inside me. It was amazing Mom. Thanks. Thanks for all you did to make prom amazing. Thanks for the dress, giving Kyle the slow dance lessons and for the hotel room. Kyle said your lessons helped make him confident in his dancing skills. Mom your the best!!”

    I don’t want to ruin her view of me. I feel soo bad. But it felt soo good knowing she had an incredible night.

    My baby deserves the best

  • Got a text late last night from my daughter’s BF and here it is.

    “Just wanted to say thanks for all the practice. We are having a great time, but I prefer being inside of you. It feels so much better inside you. It feels incredible when you suck me and your bush is so f****** HOT. Hope we can continue to practice together.”

    Made me so h****. All I could do is think about my daughter’s BF while my hubby and I had s** like teenagers on prom night. We had s** like 4 times last night.

  • I am a 43 year old mother of a 19 year old daughter in college. Her boyfriends have been hitting on me for years. I have never taken any of them up on it though. One of the boys even got bold enough to grab my ass a few times.

  • All I can say is the young men need a little training but with some time and patience they can be incredible in bed.

    My little baby is going to have an incredible night tonight after prom.

    I’m sooo jealous

  • Worthless race

  • Who mentioned race? What does race matter?

  • Not sure why the posts below are on my story. It’s not related to my story at all.

    But for those wishing for an update…..

    Prom is tomorrow night. Can’t wait to see the cutest couple in town. My baby girl is going to have a night to remember. Her Prince Charming is VERY Talented and well hung.

    Mommy is sooo jealous. But so proud.

  • In other words you wanted his c*** inside your p**** instead of his is that right . Did you have a husband at this time. I'm I right or wrong in what I'm saying 😜🤐

  • Yes, I am married. Will be celebrating our 26th anniversary this summer and have 3 children.

    Two son’s and the youngest is our daughter

  • Lucky daughter indeed. I’ll never forget my prom night.

    I was so excited and anxious to have s** with my BF but it was absolutely horrible. He barely put his p**** inside of me and he popped.

    Such a disappointment. Sounds like your daughter is in for a night to remember

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  • Try liften up the falling. You'll only fall dun vith em. They made their own bed, and now they have to lie in it. But they want to blame everybody but themselves for making their own bed. And if they go down, everyone else must go dun vit em. Hvo em be? The Illuminati, the masons, enemies of God. Where's the tower of Babel?

    You don't blame a child for being a child. You don't blame a woman for being a woman. You do blame a rapist of children and young boys, or if they look like freakshows out of My Little Pony.

    The sodomite: "everybody gotta be faag quieyr tranny fluid everi thing" "yer goen dun"HOWCOMEERRYRELIGIOPRESCRIBEDEATHFARQUIYRS? Lev2013Rev17

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